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Help Support LGW, Get Perks!

LetsGoWings.com prides itself on its rapidly growing and loyal fan base, one that has grown tremendously since the inception of the site in 1996. In the past, visitors have requested to have a means to donate monetarily to the site to express their support and thanks, which leads you to this page!

If you are a LetsGoWings.com Forum Member, we have the LGW Booster (formerly Community Supporter) program that recognizes the members that have contributed monetarily to the site. The benefits of becoming a Booster include Private Booster Forum, Live Integrated Booster Chat, Increased Account Storage for Photos and PMs, first crack at site contests and more!

Because of the large number of contributors we have set up different Booster "Levels" to reflect each member's level of support.

They are broken down into the following classes:

Bronze Level Booster
Bronze Level
Contribute $5-9
Silver Level Booster
Silver Level
Contribute $10-19
Gold Level Booster
Gold Leve/
Contribute $20-49
Hall of Fame Level Booster
Hall of Fame Level
Contribute $50 or More

PayPal is the recommended method for submitting donations to LetsGoWings.com. If you have a PayPal account then you're already set -- if you don't, setting up an account is free and easy. PayPal also takes most major credit cards.

You may also  keep your donation anonymous if you wish!