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  2. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    We'll we're close in that we probably only need a few elite players. How we get those is a whole other question. If we had 2008 Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg we'd be contenders. I think. Maybe. Sorry to be the devil's advocate, but this doesn't explain why he s*** the bed when he was gettings all the starts last season which is why he wasn't getting starts this year.
  3. Rumors Thread

    Uh, we traded Jurco, Ott, Smith, all for good return or more than what was expected. Vanek was a little disappointing, but expectation went a little crazy around here.
  4. I think this was a pretty damn good deal considering it could turn into a bit more should things get going for him. And end of the day, if we want a chance to bring him back, we may get it if he goes UFA which is possible, and certainly ideal relative to having to automatically having to drop 4 mil. I think the guy has a ton of upside, but even I never felt great about having to go 4 mil after the shakiness, and I don’t think any of the scams people were talking about would fly in reality any other way. Either way, is what it is.
  5. Arena Parking

    Gotcha, that makes sense, thanks. I have not seen a single thing there yet, and have been wanting to, so looking forward to heading out there for tomorrow's game and checking out the area.
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  7. Karlsson on the move?

    There's talk of Tampa going hard after Karlsson... That would be insane. The crazy thing is, they actually have the disposable assets to get a deal done. What do people think it would cost Yzerman? Brayden Point, Cal Foote, 2018 1st round pick, 2019 2nd round pick?... Would that be enough? Too much?...
  8. Arena Parking

    They do, but its $40 to park.
  9. nope, that was not it.
  10. Rumors Thread

    Yep, we'll all be disappointed. Green for conditional 3rd, and then nobody else traded. That, if at all, is what is a typical Holland firesale, just like we were all disappointed last TDL. If this happens, Holland needs to go quickly!
  11. Rumors Thread

    Nashville may not be looking for a depth winger anymore... They may look to Eeli Tolvanen, who they selected 30th overall in last year's draft. He had a very strong showing at the WJC as well as the Olympics. They expect him to finish off his season in the KHL with Jokerit and then come over to help the Preds go on a Cup run...
  12. Arena Parking

    Coreau has dibs ...for now anyway
  13. Arena Parking

    They do have their own, just not sure if it's finished yet. The District is still being built. I drove by today on the way home and the structure looked finished from the outside, but who knows about the inside. For now, I would assume they're own isn't ready yet.
  14. Arena Parking

    Can't you just park in Mrazek's former spot?
  15. Rumors Thread

    Green wants to go back to Detroit because he likes it there, and started a family there, not because he thinks he has a legitimate chance at winning a Cup. Not a single NHL player wants to lose games so their team has a better chance at the number one pick. Why would Green want Holland to get a higher pick in trading him? That's not how they think. If Green wants a real shot at winning a Cup, he should do exactly what he's doing, only accept a trade to the favorite. He should be hoping that Yzerman gets him relatively cheap, so that he has room to possibly add another piece to even further their chance to win it all. I really think you're setting yourself up to be disappointed with the return on Green. As well as the number of players you want moved / cap you want shed...
  16. Rumors Thread

    Speaking of UFA, sure the grand prize is JT, but beyond him there are a few other UFA's that could be a nice look here: Evander Kane - 26yrs JVR - 28yrs and there is a player in NYI with 62 points in 57 games named Josh Bailey (28 yrs) Those three would cost millions less than JT, and they are all having pretty good seasons considering all the hype over JT.
  17. Rumors Thread

    If Green came back, I think $3.5M to $4M for 3 more years would be a very contract. We'll be losing Kronwall in a year, possibly E in two, so it's not like we won't be getting some cap back for him. Of course if we're serious players on JT and then maybe Karlsson in a couple of seasons, maybe $3M to $3.5M would be better. Either way, we have $12.8M right now, if the cap goes up to (rumored) $79M that'll give us $16.8M. If we can get rid of $10M-$12M this TDL and before July 1, which is entirely possible with the names that have been linked to having interested teams, that would give us nearly $30M in cap space. Knowing the like of AA, Mantha, Larkin, Frk, Bertuzi and Coreau with probably take up at least $10M of that, we'll still be good to offer Mike $3.5M and be serious players with JT, along with filling out our roster with promotions and or freshly signed acquired prospects or draft pick (praying for Dahlin.)
  18. Rumors Thread

    If indeed Mike wants to come back in July, maybe it would be in his best interest to open up to about 6-8 teams to where he'd accept a trade so we can have a bit of a bidding war. If we get less than a NHL ready prospect and a 2nd, then its almost pointless. Having just one team that he'll go to not only hurts our bargaining power, but it also hurts his chances at a Cup. IMO, he should be open to a trade to TPA, BOS, PIT, WSH, WPG, VEG, NSH and STL at least. Out of those, heck even throw TOR in there, there would have to be at least a small bidding war. The better the return, the better the team may be when/if he comes back. Remember though, Vanek had said pretty much the same thing about wanting to stay in Detroit and liking it here. A lot of us thought he would be re-signed as well. It could be just being politically correct in saying he would love to stay (or come back) after the season. Anyhow here's what I believe would be a few good returns for Green: 1st Rounder & Prospect 2nd Rounder & NHL Ready Prospect 1st Rounder & 2nd Rounder & Mid-Level Prospect (If we're talking TPA) One of Foote, Raddysh, Volkov, Howden straight up 1 for 1 1st Rounder ...anything less than anything like I mentioned would be a travesty. Maybe, MAYBE if they got creative and gave us a Conditional 2nd (which would become a 1st in they make the Cup finals) AND a 2019 1st rounder. That would be a good return IMO as well. But honestly, if we're not getting a guaranteed 1st round pick this year, it HAS to be an NHL ready Prospect coming. I seriously hope Holland doesn't get fleeced on this...
  19. Four games in and Phaneuf already has as many goals with the kings as he did with the sens this year
  20. Arena Parking

    I saw this, which is what lead me to the question about the parking garage. I was mostly curious if the LCA had their own garage, because see all of these parking options available for pre-purchase, but wasn't seeing anything for their own garage, which seemed odd.
  21. Rumors Thread

    The topic of conversation is what folks would like to see Green offered to return come July 1st. Nobody here is saying we should hold on to him for the rest of the season...
  22. Rumors Thread

    Big problem with that, considering that we need assets now... Green is going to be 33 and really isn't all that, all things considered. I'd rather bring up Hicketts and Hronek than pay Green without getting some picks now. He can go try to win a cup and still sign here this summer, so this notion makes zero sense.
  23. The Post Office

    As someone who has worked for Comcast customer support back in the day, YUP! I used to get wrote up for actually helping people, when they'd want me to follow their script verbatim and transfer them around.
  24. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    If the point is supposed to be that staying with an organization forever makes you a better GM/scout/whatever, it's wrong.
  25. Arena Parking

    They no longer allow you to park where I parked a few months back on Cas.
  26. Rumors Thread

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Agreed...Forgot his name, but it was some guy from Sportsnet CA that was interviewed. No problem with him getting 3 more years at $3 to $4 mill per season (preferably nothing more than $3.75) from Holland come July 1st.
  27. Rumors Thread

    That shouldn't matter. You still move him and re-sign him this summer, assuming both parties are on the same page with him coming back (I think they are). Not trading Green at the deadline would be a monumental mistake.
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