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  2. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    I've heard this draft being compared to the 2003 draft for depth, in that you could get some high end talent outside of the top 10 (such as a Carter, Seabrook, Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler, Richards, Perry, Eriksson, Bergeron, Weber, Backes, Pavelski, Byfuglien, etc). But it also has the potential to be more top heavy (top 3-5) than most drafts, with the elite, potential generational talent in Dahlin, and potential super-stars in Svechnikov, Zadina, Tkatchuk, etc. I think it's the plethora of guys that will go in the first couple rounds that could be good to very good NHL players that is giving it the label of being a "strong draft" though. If you're asking how many players will start next season in the NHL, my guess would be 3-5. How many will be NHL players (play at least 200 games), I'd say it could be as high as 45-50 from the first 2 rounds. Hopefully we can land at least 2 super-star to elite level guys with (hopefully) our 7+ picks in the first three rounds...
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  4. RT @goldmedalmind: A great #teammate is a reliable teammate (i.e., same person each day), regardless of stats or team record: ✅Be on time…

  5. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends

    Tough break, but it looks like he got him in the jaw/nose area. With the league facing all these concussion suits, I can see why they did it. Does suck though, hate to see a streak like that end in that manner.

    Jersey sales and a potential trade deadline asset.
  7. Cogliano's Consecutive Games Streak Ends

    I didn't think the hit was bad. Aside from it being a bit late, there was clearly no malicious intent, he never jumped into it. Also kempe has his head down and he's bigger than cogliano. Give him the penalty, maybe even a warning. A suspension for that hit is Embarassing. Especially considering some of the stuff they let slide.

    The last couple years in the NHL he wasn't the same player and couldn't stay healthy. Why would he come back to be a part of a rebuild, and why would they want a guy that old who isn't going to play more than 60 games?
  9. Rumors Thread

    3rd line is middle 6. I'm hoping for a Maltby type. Good PK, agitator, good for 15-ish goals a year. Still a guy you don't hesitate to move if he can bring in a better player
  10. Rumors Thread

    Wow, I was guessing if there´s some phrase and look what google did. Yes, it´s quite common phrase there.
  11. 1/14 GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 12:30 PM EST (NBC)

    I got a good topic for tomorrow. You will be stoked.
  12. Dominic Turgeon recalled from the Griffins

    I would really like to see Puempel up. PPG average in the AHL this season. Great trade by Holland.
  13. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 1/15/2018: 14,483 steps and 7 miles traveled.

  14. Cholowski playing really well

    Yeah that and "Detroit got Draper for a dollar." It was the go-to for all the national commentators when they had nothing else.
  15. Calgary

    I will say that I like Calgary's balanced roster. They've got a couple of young guys I would consider building blocks, but they also have some veteran guys that I would bring in to fortify a contender.
  16. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Do you mean start this season or future NHL regulars? For me, I would think more than 10 first rounders making the NHL this year would be a 'strong draft'. How many usually do? A handful maybe?Especially considering how many D could go in the first 10-20 picks. Also, I think we can count out whoever Wings pick, unless maybe its a lottery pick.

    ANYONE would take him. But I don't think he's coming back.

    KHL =/= NHL They would take him though.
  19. Come on, now you're telling me you're bad at understanding sarcasm too? sheesh

    I'm sure they would take him back, but I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't come back. Has he played the entire season? Or has he been hurt?

    Point per game right now in Russia. Is he worth a look for 2018 or 2019? Would be cool if he came back for a few seasons and picked up his 1,000th pt for the Wings. Power play could definitely use him.
  22. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Strong draft usually means 30+ NHLers.
  23. Should any of #91, #13, #40, #30 be retired? Poll/Discussion

    Or CRL's next sock account...
  24. Calgary

    Which county?
  25. Calgary

    It is a stupid name. But relative to the country's Capital (D.C), you could argue that it technically is the MidWest and everything else beyond is the Far West or South.
  26. Calgary

    That term was created a long time ago. When the midwest was actually the middle point between the colonies and what was considered the west at the time.
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