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  2. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    For me, they've ruined their interesting storyline. I really liked Edmonton when they had Hall and Eberle and they felt like the bumbling band of good guys who could never get it together due to well intentioned but incompetent management. I've always been watching them and cheering them as the underdog. But since they got rid of those guys that rode through the hard times and that the city loved, - and signed that #%^& Lucic - It's no longer the band finally making good. There's no guys getting redemption now that McDavid's there. So, I says let the s*** show continue!!! Let's go Wings!!!!
  3. The other thing, is last year's roster was so different the the previous year. When you have so many new players, teams have less info when scouting you (ie. Vegas this year). Then once teams have a year of footage to break everything down, things change.
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  5. I'm so conflicted. I want them to fail in spectacular fashion, but I don't want them in the lottery mix. People are saying they're underachieving and they're not as bad as their current record says they are, but I dunno that I actually believe that. From where I stand, Chiarelli has screwed the pooch. Their roster isn't any better than ours, aside from McDavid. I think they overachieved last season and what we're seeing this season is closer to the truth. Meh. Whatevz. Kick the stuffing out of them tonight and let fate decide the rest. 2006. Never forget.
  6. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    lol, with that "street talk" you sound more and more like Jerry Smith.
  7. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    Let's Go Red Wings Detroit 6 Edmonton 2 need a fast start tonight.
  8. Investigate the stands, son. Ain't no joke, s***s as real as it gets. The Con-man needs a Dahlly.
  9. Yeah, I used to think he was mishandled, until you opened my eyes. Thanks for that. It's very clear to me now that Smith was put in the optimal position to succeed from day one. The way Babcock handled him was perfect. Smith couldn't have asked for a better situation to be in. Unfortunately for him, he just sucked too bad. Zero skill, borderline NHL defenseman... Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some...
  10. Ericsson needs to sit

    Overthinkering. We dun ruined JoEasy when we switchered him from F to D. That's -2 in alphabet math. You think anyone could survive that?
  11. Don't even joke, bro. Don't even joke.
  12. Been a couple years now since Edmonton has gotten the 1st overall pick. They need our help.
  13. Dennis Cholowski

    Good stuff.
  14. Ericsson needs to sit

    I think Babcock wanted Ericsson to not play physical. Babs wanted to prove how smart he was by molding him into a well rounded Dman, instead of letting him play to his strengths (pun intended). Ericsson had to think about playing non physical so much, that it destroyed his confidence. Cause thinking is bad in hockey. Rational?
  15. Brendan Smith traded to Rangers for 2nd (2018) and 3rd (2017) Round Draft Picks

    Only reason? Feel free to point out more reasons. I havent seen any evidence of Smith being mishandled by management posted by you yet. Or are you saying he wasnt mishandled now? Maybe Smith would have turned out differenly if he was given 1st pair duties day 1 after he was drafted. Maybe he would have turned out differently if we had kept him in GR until he was 28. The fact of the matter is he was given pretty normal treatment. The guy hardly deserved much PP time, as he couldnt even generate offense at even strength. Still cant with the Rags. Except he did suceed early in his career.
  16. Blues defeated the Oilers 8-3 last night. GDT updated LGRW!!!
  17. Ericsson needs to sit

    Not conjecture at all. Can't conjecturize a reality you define. Creatism 101, buddy.
  18. Yup, that's literally the only reason... You're not saying 100% of this was on Smith? No kidding. I'm not saying 100% of this was on management either... Crazy hey? It could actually be a multitude of reasons. Not just that Smith always sucked... I believe Smith's shortcomings were partially due to the organization not putting him in a position to succeed earlier in his career, which shook his confidence. And partially on Smith for allowing that to shake his confidence, aka, a lack of determination to fight through the adversity... Like so many have mentioned before, Smith had all the tools, but no toolbox. There are a ton of players that have all the skill in the world, but never reach their full potential. Is it all on them? Nope. Is it all on everyone around them? Nope. Things aren't always black and white... Can we please talk about how we disagree on the reason Smith failed to meet expectations for another 3 pages?... Please...
  19. Ericsson needs to sit

    was he going to eat it? Baby, the OTHER other white meat!
  20. Ericsson needs to sit

    Lol rational? What he posted was complete conjecture. Brendan had to learn, learning made him think, thinking made him less confident. Like what? Which other of Brendans emotions are you guys privy too? Please share.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    Friends really did steal all their jokes, didn't they. That's from Mr. Bean:
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