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  2. The number 2027 popped out at me first so I go with that. Gotta clean house, plus you need to build up you know?
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  4. Rumors Thread

    Why do I have the feeling this trade deadline will not be as profitable for the Wingsas once thought
  5. We gonna with cup in 2030 with @shocky2002 coaching and teaching corsi to his players in his basement.
  6. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    He's worse than Miley Cyrus, when she went through the tongue sticking out troll phase.
  7. I can just see it: Wings vs Blackhawks. Wings down by 1 goal with 1min left, empty net, E has the puck behind his own net and he begins to skate, suddenly stops! "What is he doing" He shoots the puck in his own net! "Bah God! Bah God! These players have families! " He rips off his jersey only to be wearing a Blackhawks jersey underneath! Then that stupid Dah Dah Da Dah Da Da Dah song comes on the speakers as E joins his new team. It would be awesome!
  8. Oh I know right, he's an awful troll.
  9. Karlsson on the move?

    Funny, Brutal article on the Sens: Best line "A team that was a goal away from reaching the 2016-17 Stanley Cup final has spent the past 12 months systematically destroying everything that was once good about the roster. A toddler kicking apart a sand castle has shown more restraint." "Erik Karlsson, a defenceman so special that a year ago GM Pierre Dorion said God created him on the eighth day, could be gone in the next two days. In doing so, the Senators are in the process of robbing their fans of a two-time Norris Trophy winner who is not only regarded as the best defenceman in the NHL, but is arguably one of the top-three players, in general." Not even Judas would have been this cruel." Seems fare though. They do seem to be among the worst run teams in my opinion. Seems every worthwhile NHL player they draft is lost and they haven't been able to do much with the returns: Hossa, Zibanejad, Silfverberg, Spezza, Vermette, Havlat, Fischer, Kelly, and now Karlsson?
  10. Well less CAN be more exciting....
  11. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    About the same, probly? Seems like the Rangers saw more in Smith though... The Smith deal was pretty surprising, obviously in a good way. If we can get that for Ericsson next year, I’d be stoked. If his deal were up this year, maybe we could find a taker looking for depth.
  12. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    Absolutely, '94-2000 was fun if you were a Wings fan. I remember the Hawks being pretty good for most of the nineties tho. I was just saying that it WAS fun even when they were bottom feeders.
  13. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    What was Smith? Ericsson is better now, than Smith was then. I think ur undervaluing him with the year he's having. I think most GMs would see him as 4/5.
  14. I dont have to, I’m rich and have a solid 401k.
  15. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    2000-2010 was pretty fun.
  16. In what decade this century will the Red Wings see their next cup?

    LOL. Why the "this century" in the title?
  17. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    I don't see them doing this on purpose. If they did, Hextall would have difficulty making trades in the future that are conditional, other GMs wouldn't bother. It'd be like signing an RFA to an offer sheet, He won't handcuff himself like that. I think this guy changed my oil last week. Stupid reason to be disgruntled. If you've won the starting job, and you're playing well enough to keep it, what difference does it make who the other goalie is?
  18. Rumors Thread

    What's also inconceivable is that you can have an Olympics where none of Canada, US, Finland, or Sweden medal in hockey. Wha?
  19. Rumors Thread

    Rather than copy multiple posts, I'll just respond all at once. First, the only UFA forward I am interested in going after July 1st is JT. If he signs somewhere else, move on. Maybe bring back Vanek on a 1 year deal to replace Booth, but that's it. Second, don't start just trading away players for anything to open up cap space. If you do and you don't get Tavares, than you may have to overpay more guys just to replace everyone you've already traded for peanuts. If you sign Tavares, then you trade away contracts for cap space. You will get less in return at that point because everyone knows u need to shed salary, but at that point-who cares?....You have friggin' John Tavares. Third, I'm still on board with bringing back Green. Kronwall probably plays only one more year, trade or waive Ouellet next season. Green won't be holding anyone down next season. I don't think anyone in GR is ready for full time NHL duty yet. By the time anyone is, there will be roster space available for them. After next season, Ericsson and Daley are on the last year of their deals. They could be traded to make more room if need be. The only way I would say don't bring back Green is if somehow KH gets JT and there is no cap room left after RFAs are signed.
  20. Years from now, we wil need to remember that atleast this trade wasn't as bad as Chicago trading Dominic Hasek for the eventual return of Christian Ruttu. That said it could be in the ballpark.
  21. Rumors Thread

    Dang I thought it was going to fire up today! Sure felt like it for a minute there! Oh well!
  22. 2046, 38 years after 08! I will be 62 and will retire when they win
  23. Never. Wings don't bring back Holland, next year fans all complain that the new guy is worse while claiming to have supported Holland all along. Out of spite, Chris sells the team to Vince McMahon, who makes them the cornerstone of the new XHL. Just like regular hockey, but with teams occasionally jumping onto the ice during a rival team's game and delivering a few chair shots when the refs are distracted.
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  25. Rumors Thread

    That's why I said in my 2nd post I'm on the fence about re-signing Green. Wish we hadn't signed Daley and then I'd be fine about re-signing Green.
  26. Rumors Thread

    ...wait GM's don't trade 5 or 6 roster players, right?
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