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  2. No, but they wanted him to be, at least at first. And he was pretty damn good. Oh well, just another missed opportunity. I hope they take better care of Larsson and Petruzelli's development. Coreau should also be given as many starts as possible for the rest of the season. Let him get some good time in the net and see where he's at, if he's even a viable option going forward. They know what they have with Howard, and the season is a wash.
  3. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Sure, for a Lundquist or a Quick, but Mrazek hadn't established himself as the franchise goalie without doubt.
  4. 2/24 GDT - Hurricanes at Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    How's the game lookin? NM. 1-0 lead on 8 shots. Wow. Even when they can't get shots off, points still may come from it. Only in Detroit.
  5. Goalies have never been known for the most sensible ways of thinking. Certain rituals (some quite bizarre) and certain conditions can mean the difference between success and failure. I don't see it as him being a diva or an *******, it's just what makes him comfortable. If getting Howard out of town may have accomplished that, then why not?
  6. I can respect that. Some seem to think he's vital to this team's success though, including Holland. He's had a lot of chances, help, coddling, and benefit of the doubt in his career. Sure, he held it down when the team was good, but once the team dropped, he dropped. Been off and on since. Elliott is Howard 2.0. Exact same type of goalie. He'll hold it down for ya, but he won't take you where you need to go. As a goalie myself growing up, I tend to pay a lot more attention to that aspect of the game. One of my faves was Vanbiesbrouck, and he wasn't one of the best, or ever a Red Wing. Osgood, Vernon, Hasek..all time faves because of what they accomplished in Detroit. We all have favourite players for different reasons. Yzerman and Zetterberg are obv faves as well, but guys like Probert and McCarty too. Datsyuk bailing changed my opinion of him too. It's one season and the team is on hook for the money, just play it out, retire looking good. I don't believe Holland was as aggressive as he could have been to move Howard. He wouldn't retain any salary in the deal, acting like he had some value at the time. Just like the NYI/Philly thing. He still thinks Howard is worth a high draft pick and that's why teams will balk at him.
  7. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    "Mrazek was not happy the Red Wings were unable to trade Howard in the off-season and let the club know in less-than-tactful terms." (I trust the better source) Okay, didn't see that article. That does make Mrazek look like a bit of a diva. Especially since they were actually trying to trade Howard and were just unsuccessful.
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  9. Karlsson on the move?

    Yeah. They made the Finals in '90 or '91. then Wirtz dismantled the roster bit by bit. He had Belfour and Hasek on that team at the same time, although Hasek didn't reach elite form until he was traded to Buffalo for a very s***ty goalie who's name I forget. But he had Belfour blocking his way no matter what. Both moved on and won Cups elsewhere. Pretty sure attendance for home games during that s***ty period was around 5000. Hawks "fans" went into hiding until they miraculously reappeared around 2008.
  10. I liked Jimmy's performance better than Mrazek's in the last 1.5 years or so. Felt like he was the better overall goalie. But I have no attachments to Jimmy Howard. If he's traded for a future draft pick then by all means do it. The only attachment I've created with the team are guys like Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov, Henrik Zetterberg and to a lesser extent Pavel Datsyuk (he kind of bailed on us so I'm not a fan of that aspect). And it's not because they're amazing hockey players, it's because I appreciate the joy they brought for my community. (I'm a Michigander). They were role models.
  11. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    You can cheer for the guy all you want, that's what fans do, but it makes no sense to keep him here if we can get value in return. Let's say optimistically this team turns a few things around in 3 seasons, how old is Howard? He's going to be an irrelevant piece because he's going to be aged close to the end of his career by then. What we had were two goalies making starting goaltending money. One had to go at minimum, and now with Mrazek gone, that situation is somewhat settled. I'd rather put the money Howard is being paid into getting a younger goaltender to develop.
  12. Karlsson on the move?

    There's a gofundme account someone set up to cover the cost of putting up a huge billboard by the CTC telling cheap f*** Melnyk to get outta town. $5000 in donations in not even a day. Hahaha
  13. Holland wants to contend by 2020, that's all i know.
  14. I'm not actually angry about it. Disappointed at management for how it went down, yes. Although i think it was foolish, I know the trade is done. Doesn't mean there can't be discussion about it. Threads from 2010 or whatever get dragged up on here all the time. You were one of the guys cheering for Jimmy all year. You don't want him around anymore all of a sudden?
  15. Rumors Thread

    My God! This would be awesome! Not too keen on DD going away though...but oh well! ...and this would too!
  16. It could happen, but probably not until the offseason when he's got one year left. If NYI doesn't re-sign Halak, maybe a deal gets done then. Least Holland is open to it. That's progress.
  17. Yesterday
  18. First bold: Because I care about you. All the non-bolded stuff: Don't get so mad over Mrazek dude. He's gone. This is like a really hard break up for you I feel like. As far as Jimmy. f*** em. Trade him tomorrow and get all the picks we can.
  19. 2/24 GDT - Hurricanes at Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    Hey, I saw them live at a festival couple years ago. Fun stuff. Not my taste of music, but crazy people and entertaining to watch.
  20. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    I just hope we ship out Jimmy, too....just for all this nonsense to end. . . . And because I would like to have a Vezina caliber goalie in net. Or at least a goalie with the potential for that.
  21. Were having a discussion. Isn't that what this place is for. If you don't want to read stuff in the Mrazek trade thread, then just don't click on it. Pretty simple. You got your precious Jimmy still, what do you care what i think? I can't still be a fan of his in Philly, and hope he succeeds? The comment about him caring about me is pretty dumb.
  22. Rumors Thread

    Green for Foote or 1st rounder. I don't think that we can get more (hopefully I'm wrong). LG for 3rd or Leivo Nyquist/Tatar for Fabbro or 1st.
  23. One of those he should have had, but a win is win. That's what he was brought to Philly to do, give them a chance to win. He's gotten 1 or 2 points in 9 of his 11 games since his shutout against Chicago Jan. 14. 7 wins, 4 losses, 2 in OT. 2 shutouts. Not too shabby. The fourth increasing to a third round pick is one thing I think most of us figure is going to happen.
  24. Rumors Thread

    Alright against my better judgement. Green goes for a 2nd and Cal Foote Glenner goes for a 3rd and Leivo Nyquist goes to Nashville for a 2nd Dekeyser and Helm go to the Jets for a 2nd and prospect/player If I get one I will be shocked.
  25. Really? That's just 10 years from now, I could easily see guys like Larkin and Mantha here in 10 years. Even a guy like Bertuzzi could be here in 2028. If you go back to 2008 we still have a handful here.
  26. The Post Office

    Tv / Internet service providers suck!!!
  27. 2028 no one on the current roster will be playing.
  28. Rumors Thread

    my predictions glendenning will be gone to leafs for a 2nd if were lucky probably a 3rd green will be gone to washington/tampa/vegas for a 1st if were lucky probably 2nd and a prospect
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