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  4. The Amen was based on a false premise, so I debunked that premise. That's what you're not getting. It's not about your opinion that things might have been better if things had been done differently. I think that's a ridiculous thing to say, because you can literally say that about anything, but whatever. My main objection though is that the things you are saying were done wrong either didn't happen in the way you present or are perfectly normal. You complained that he shouldn't have started 12-13 in GR, because you forgot about the lockout. You were digging for something to complain about, so you didn't do your due diligence. You say "played with AHL quality defensemen", when that is not an accurate depiction of what really happened. He played ~70% with Quincey or Kronwall his first couple full years. Had some sheltered time with worse partners, but mostly did well in that role. You're greatly exaggerating. You say "deployed on the penalty kill and not the power-play". From 11-12 through 13-14 he played ~102 minutes on the PK, and ~76 on the PP. take out 13-14 and it's 44 PK, 64 PP. The only regular to play less on the PK was Kindl, with White around the same. Didn't get much PP opportunity, but he had his chance. Again you are greatly exaggerating. There was never any attempt to mold him into something he wasn't. You say "constantly in and out of the lineup due to "rookie mistakes"". That's so exaggerated as to basically be outright false. His first year he was scratched three times late in the year. 2nd year had four consecutive games early, then one late. 3rd year was only scratched the last game of season (and first couple playoff games). That's why I suggest you're just making excuses. You're not looking at anything even close to objectively. And some people thought he'd be a Calder candidate in 12-13, then he had 1 assist in his first 19 games. So the excuses started immediately. Could things have been better if done differently? Maybe. Or maybe even worse. But second guessing in hindsight is not a valid foundation for saying the organization mishandled him.
  5. Smitty was a +4 last game. I think what frustrates us all is that we all know he could be really good if he had a hockey iq. His toolset is enormous. But he's like frankenstein when it comes to hockey smarts. He just doesn't have that it.
  6. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    Time for a power up
  7. Yup, I always have to be right, despite the fact that I said I was wrong... It's not the first time and certainly won't be the last. I could be wrong that any sort of change in the way Smith (or any other player) was developed, would have made any real difference in the player he is today as well. I think he could have been used differently, and maybe been a better player because of that. Again, I could be wrong on that, but there's no real way to know for sure. But for you, CRL and Buppy to say I'm wrong based on something so subjective, something there's absolutely no way to determine to be true or false, is asinine.
  8. Krsmith, Buppy, CRL and Kickazz Bunch of annoying “always gotta be right” posters that just refuse to move on. We’re all brothers from another mother.
  9. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Ya’ll just trolled the entire blackhawks fan base and the troll berzeench. Savages
  10. 11/24 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST

    The way the Wings have been playing of late...Another loss incoming.
  11. Post will be updated later in the day. Don't expect nothin' fancy; I ate too much yesterday and I am tiiiiiired.
  12. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    Nice trolling Euro_Twins... I don't think anyone would say that Sheahan would be close to a 50 goal scorer, but I'd definitely hear an argument that he could have been better if handled differently. Whoever argued that would obviously be wrong though, and there would be people here that would argue that opinion for years and years, because Holland and Babcock / Blashill are perfect. They could never do any wrong, especially when it comes to player development... They're professionals. What do us as fans know... NOTHING!
  13. Did you even bother reading what @Neomaxizoomdweebie was quoting when he used his Hogan "Amen Brother!" meme? It had absolutely nothing to do with Smith, but rather Cholowski and Hronek. Since you responded to his quote though, how would you respond if they made the NHL playing with AHL quality defensemen? What about if they were deployed on the penalty kill and not the power-play? What about if they were constantly in and out of the lineup due to "rookie mistakes"? You'd obviously say that was the best situation for them, nothing should have been done differently... I'd say they were being mishandled, the same way I've said from day one that Smith was being mishandled. That's the thing, I could understand people saying "he's just looking for an excuse", if I wasn't vocal about his misusage from the beginning. If I acted like his usage was fine 5 years ago, and after he failed to meet expectations, all of a sudden said "well he was mishandled", I'd understand the backlash. That's far from the case though. "Pile of excuses being made because certain people just can't admit they were wrong in they're predictions about some players". LOL except for the fact that I admitted many, many times that I was wrong about my prediction of Smith. You guys continuously say that I won't admit I was wrong, when I have several times, or say that I think it was all on management, when I've said continuously that it was partially on management. I've admitted several negative things about Smith, mainly his inability to fight through adversity. To be a good pro athlete, you have to be mentally strong, Smith obviously wasn't. You guys just can't admit that Smith's failures may have had something to do with this organization... You can disagree, but that doesn't make either opinion right or wrong. This is about how we believe high end prospects should be developed / transitioned into the NHL. I think these types of players, especially the highly skilled, offensive guys, should be handled much differently then your average prospect. You think it's okay to play them with scrubs, in a role they've never played in their entire hockey career, constantly in and out of the lineup. I don't. You're right about one thing though. I have no idea if Smith would have turned out better if he had been handled differently, just like you guys have no idea that he wouldn't. One thing's for sure though, I wouldn't have said s*** if I truly believed he was put in an optimal situation to succeed. He wasn't. Anyway, it's all conjecture, which is why it's beyond ridiculous that this is still being discussed. Get over yourselves. Everything is NOT black and white. There is room for interpretation on the way individual players were handled. Not everyone is going to agree. For most people, that's okay. For the few that always have to be "right", differing opinions scare them...
  14. Sheahan and a 5th for Wilson and a 3rd

    If he was drafted elsewhere he'd be a 50 goal scorer. Instead he was mishandled and his precious emotions were shattered.
  15. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Without that father son chat they don't win the cup. Seabrook is a better leader than captain 40 points.
  16. Hold your Hogans. The whole "mishandled" thing is just a pile of excuses being made because certain people just can't admit they were wrong in they're predictions about some players, or ever admit anything negative about players they like. Have to have someone to blame for making them wrong. Saying Smith was mishandled is the exact same baseless conjecture that fuels most criticism: Imagine some hypothetical world where something was done differently, then assume the end result would have been better. Doesn't actually matter what was done, and people often don't even understand what the reality was anyway. Had a player been handled in the exact way they suggest, and still failed, that way would then be "mishandling". Can't really argue against it, as these people will just hide behind "opinion", and say you can't prove it wrong. If you debunk their version of reality, they'll just ignore it or maybe think up some new excuse. Some stats: TOI CF/60 CA/60 CF% Rel CF% GF/60 GA/60 GF% Rel GF% xGF/60 xGA/60 xGF% Rel xGF% ZSR KYLE.QUINCEY 718.43 54.87 46.6 54.07 1.52 2.17 1.84 54.17 2.79 2.11 1.8 54.06 3.65 55.11 NIKLAS.KRONWALL 469.88 57.72 45.84 55.73 2.7 2.17 2.17 50 -1.85 2.22 2.16 50.68 -1.19 51.62 BRIAN.LASHOFF 286.52 49.21 45.23 52.11 -0.08 1.68 2.51 40 -9.57 1.78 1.82 49.48 -1.59 64.24 JAKUB.KINDL 166.51 54.05 42.52 55.97 3.8 3.24 1.8 64.29 5.89 2.06 1.6 56.3 4.34 63.29 DOUG.JANIK 95.43 57.84 37.72 60.53 7.46 2.51 1.89 57.14 1.59 2.68 1.97 57.65 9.46 60.47 That's Smith's most frequent defense partners 5v5 from 2011-12 through 2013-14. Aside from Lashoff, he actually did better the more sheltered he was. His individual numbers were good with Kronwall, but the team was worse. Wasn't good with Lashoff overall, but much of that time was due to other players being injured, then one stretch when we were using Q-Deke as a shutdown pair. There's no foundation to complain about the partners he was given. Yeah, sucks for him (and everyone else) that we didn't have infinite Lidstroms to give everyone, but considering our reality he fared well enough. GP TOI G/60 P/60 P1/60 iCF/60 iSF/60 CF/60 SF/60 GF/60 xGF/60 BRENDAN.SMITH 119 75.46 0.8 3.18 1.59 23.06 7.95 85.87 36.58 3.98 5.14 DANNY.DEKEYSER 76 108.29 0.55 2.77 1.66 14.41 8.87 84.77 49.31 5.54 4.65 IAN.WHITE 102 289.92 0 2.07 0.83 29.39 12.42 103.89 49.46 4.35 6.42 JAKUB.KINDL 162 274.14 0.22 2.63 0.88 24.95 12.04 93.67 49.46 4.16 5.82 KYLE.QUINCEY 190 237.11 1.01 2.53 1.27 27.33 12.91 86.04 46.31 5.82 6.31 NIKLAS.KRONWALL 209 660.11 1.18 4.64 2.45 26 11.45 104.26 55.26 7.82 7.55 That's some individual and on-ice PP stats over the same period. The time for White was mostly in 11-12. Dekeyser mostly in 13-14. About half of Quincey's was with Colorado. After Lidstrom left (and took the good part of White with him), finding someone for the 2nd PP unit was a struggle. Smith had his chance, he just wasn't that good. Kindl and Dekeyser weren't much better, and worse in some ways, but no good cause for complaint about Smith's lack of PP time, other than to shake your fist at the fact that the universe doesn't revolve around Brendan Smith. Didn't dig up any PK stats, aside from Smith being 5th or lower in the PK order. He wasn't a regular. He was only used when the regulars weren't available, and the other options were worse. Unless it's "mishandling" to allow your regular Pkers to take penalties, get injured, or be tired from just taking their shift this isn't a legitimate complaint either. Bottom line is there was no mishandling, other than the world being imperfect and the Wings not existing for the sole purpose of making Brendan Smith look good. It's just certain someones being upset that a player they liked didn't turn out that good, and it makes them feel better to blame it on someone else.
  17. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Agreed. Kind of like the time Toews had a temper tantrum against us in the playoffs and was melting down in the box and Seabrook came over and had a talking to him like a parent to a child. Im sure Towes would credit Seabrook with being a good leader in that moment. So I guess the moral here is that Toews sucks.
  18. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    I think the teammates are the best indicators of who is a good leader.
  19. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    For the record, I dont think he should be captain either. I just dont think the contract should have anything to do with it. This isn't directed at your post, but to be fair, what do any of us really know. Leadership is the hardest skill for fans to judge, as unless players are talking to the media about, we have zero clue what happens in that locker room. Sure we see snippets here and there of players yelling something from the bench, but for the most part true leadership takes place behind closed doors, or on the ice hidden from us.
  20. RT @itscollegebabes: University of South Florida ????

  21. @JoeKudrick @403Club . @JoeKudrick just took nyquil kid

  22. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Abdelkader only missed one game on November 11th against Columbus. Since then, in the past 4 games he has 7 points (2 goals, 5 assists). He's obviously not going to keep anywhere close to that pace, nor is he likely to keep the *61* point pace. I'd love nothing more than to see him do it though and become an annual 60 point player, but I wouldn't bet on that. If he can hover around the 40-45 point range for the next 3-5 years, maybe top 50 in one season, I'll be happy. I'm sure his down season last year has a lot to do with fans hating on him, but I think it has more to do with his contract. I personally love Abby. He's the type of player you want on your team, and he's a solid middle 6 winger. If he were paid about $0.5-1M less, on a 4-5 year contract, instead of 7, I don't think many fans would have a problem with him. Anyway, I think Abdelkader is a good alternate captain, but I'd be shocked to ever see him wear the C in Detroit...
  23. @feverspell I mentioned Lemon Party once I stopped laughing. ????

  24. Ajit Pai and the FCC Want It To Be Legal for Comcast To Block BitTorrent @slashdot -

  25. I've come around to the organization's way of thinking. Mantha is young and his development isn't complete and he has tremendous potential. If I were in charge of his development, I'd be pushing him hard and calling him out when I felt he wasn't giving enough. We need him to become the best player he can possibly be. Maybe Blashill could call out the older players a little more often, but I dunno that it would accomplish anything. We have the oldest team in the league; most of the players are what they are at this point in their respective careers. With Mantha and Larkin and Athanasiou, there's still great potential. I think the "You've gotta be great and you've gotta be great every single day, no excuses" mantra is a good one to hammer into their heads, especially when they stink up the joint like they did last night. They're starting to take over as the team's leaders, but they still have to earn it. Nothing's going to be handed to them, and that's the way it should be.
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