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  2. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Damn, almost reached page two huh?
  3. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    And his new black/orange/white whatever combo equipment. I’m guessing he’s got a set on the way. All black would be cool, but knowing him, Probly white with orange.
  4. Rumors Thread

    It's also possible that if he refuses a trade, that the relationship could sour and he may not be offered another contract this summer. Green will (likely already has)provide Holland with a trade list. The only way Green doesn't get traded is if he is injured worse than the team is letting on and fails his physical. Otherwise, even if his value plummets all the way to a measly 3rd round pick (won't happen), Holland will take the best offer on the table. It would be dumb for Green not to accept a trade, and even dumber for Holland not to trade him. He will be traded before Monday, 3pm EST. I do agree with you on the return though. I still think he should get at least a 1st or a top prospect, but it's very possible, with all the other defensemen potentially available, that his stock could drop. I'm still doubtful that Ottawa trades Karlsson, or New York trades McDonagh at the deadline, but if both of those guys are available along with Johnson and Hjalmarsson, teams might go after one of the bigger fish (former two), or settle with one of the cheaper options (latter two)... We're all obviously hoping for the 1st or top prospect, but two 2nd's wouldn't surprise me at all...
  5. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    That didn’t work out. Still got another unneeded point though. Dropping further down the draft order slowly. But of course. Is this for ******* real?? Hahaha
  6. Rumors Thread

    I expect any cap space Kenny opens up to be promptly blown on needless vets like he always does. Holland is a dangerous when he has cash to blow. Could never help himself. Hopefully he’s smarter this offseason. As for Green, why re-sign him as a UFA if he’s traded for picks, which needs to happen? You think he’ll take less than he’s making now? Doubt that, he’ll have other teams throwing money at him. Far as I’m concerned, Holland shouldn’t be bringing back any former Wings anymore unless they’re truly stuck and it’s the only viable option. Once they’re gone, leave it alone.
  7. I looked for a bit but couldn’t find it. Only bits about trying to change parts of his game, which he had a hard time with and didn’t respond too well to attitude wise. Othef tning I came across was that he really wasnt happy that Holland couldn’t/wouldn’t trade Howard, and pretty much told him so. Howard’s contract sucks, but he wasn’t willing to budge on not retaining salary. Of course he would have had to retain salary on that contract to move it. No other way. He could have got it done. Can’t fault Mrazek for being a bit pissed that the starter he supposedly replaced was still around cause Holand sucks at the cap. I remember the Hasek/Joseph thing was tense to say the least. How she goes. But anyways, it’s all in the past. Mrazek is gone and he’s happy. Won his first start as a Flyer, allowing one goal. 4 more wins and a playoff berth and the Wings get their third. This is pure speculation, but some Flyers fans are saying they think Hextall will cut him off after 4 wins before the playoffs to make the fourth stick. Even if he makes the playoffs, but only wins 4 games, pick stays as is. I’m sure they won’t pull that s*** though. Resigning might happen though ,if they like him and the Wings get the other third. Neuvirth is always injured, Hextall is fed up, and they may be finished with him and go forward with Elliott and Mrazek instead.
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  9. Where is the Water Cooler?

    Agreed. The mobile version of this site is an absolute disaster.
  10. Rumors Thread

    Now eventually you might have rumors on your, on your rumor thread, right? Hello? yes?
  11. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    Drinking a nice single malt and smokin dope right at this moment f*** on me
  12. Rumors Thread

    To the bolded: you're the one who said he was a PP specialist on that team, not me. I just said I doubt he played that role on that team because those other guys. Without that history, you're claiming he's going to be our #1 PP guy in place of Green even though he hasn't played that role for a least 3 year, if ever. As for you're larger point at the bottom, Green is a much different defenceman and the situation of the team was different. One big factor is that we already had Green for veteran higher end potential stopgap guy. Also, Everybody around the team and on this forum had been discussing for years the need for an high level offensive puck moving D - for the crappy PP and because it would help the overall system. We'd also been talking about the need for righthanded Dmen (member Babcock said it so much it was mocked). And low and behold Green came as both those things. He was a piece we really lacked. And with him, K, and E, there were still 4 spots for guys on the younger side. When Daley signed it made 4 vets on D: E, K, Green, (5 if you count Wit) and it did take away time from XO, Jensen, (and Sproul could have taken the 7 pot or Hronek by the end of the year...) Many of the younger guys seemed to be rough this year so maybe that's not the worst thing, but it was a legitimate concern and I think it did happen. My complaint was more that it was unnecessary since he's going to be gone by the time we compete, he's not amazing (though he is good), and because we already had Green. I still wish we hadn't signed him - especially if it's true that Green wants to come back. If Daley wasn't here I'd be all in for that, but I'm on the fence now. We will feel Green's absence, though, if he goes. There is a way of hipocrisy for those that want to re-sign Green, though: if people were concerned about Daley pushing out young guys, Sproul was already pushed out and there's a lot of talk of XO being traded (and probably not many want to keep him around) so we don't really need a place for young guys like last year. I'm not really sure which young D men are on deck to make it next year. Hronek, Hicketts are in their 1st and 2nd AHL years respectively, so they seem unlikely. All of Jensen, XO, Sproul were at the end of their entry deals, so it was different.
  13. Karlsson on the move?

    Bolded is my point. I don't care about Karlsson. 1st rounders all receive hype. 3rd rounders receive none, so there's not a point to argue. To the bolded point, the logic doesn't make sense. It's literally apples to oranges. In the first sentence you establish that we are talking about the level of hype these players receive. Then in the second sentence you state, therefore I chose 3 of the best dmen. The parameters change from hype to best.. Comparisons occur between two things sharing the same quality, not two different things and two different qualities. An actual comparison would be: Comparing Dahlin's hype to the hype of the 3 most hyped players of all time (hype hype hype). Or the 3 most hyped Dmen of all tiome. Or the 3 most hyped Swedish Dmen of all time. Whatever. You get my point. Anyways I dont care too much about this particular point in general, but this is why I was confused about Potvin and Lidstrom. It's a flawed comparison.
  14. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    No not really
  15. Rumors Thread

    Not a good argument to compare a team full of PP specialists (Letang, Shults, Streit). We have none of those guys. So when Green leaves, Daley's PP time goes up. Green averages 2:26 on PP. Daley Averaged 1:38 last year (on stacked Pittsburgh team), 1:51 the year before, 2:02 the year before that. Which means he's more than capable of quarterbacking the PP. ...Which means his resume has PP specialist on it.... ...which is my point... ------------- Beyond all this my point was that last year people bitched about the Daley signing "because he'll take a spot from one of the young D-men" and now that we might actually take a veteran off the books people don't care about the same young D anymore? Sounds kind of hypocritical. Especially because Mike Green is way more expensive than Daley was.
  16. Rumors Thread

    Clearly said he's right behind Green in time played and gets 1/2 D minutes. If Green is 1D then by that math he's 2D. Regardless, 22 min. Not like he's some 29-30 min guy. 22 vs 20, those 2 minutes will likely end up getting distrubuted to DK and someone else. Not like they need to distribute some 10 minutes or something. So.. I'm right? Green leaves and Daley would get more PP time?
  17. Rumors Thread

    That's a bit of a stretch. Good solid player, but definitely a tier below Green. Green plays almost 2 minutes more a game (22:16 vs 20:33). That's not "almost the same minutes" Green has 29 pts and 13 PPP while Daley has 9 pts. and 0 PPP Green (2:26) and Kronwall (2:16) are really the only D men getting PP time. Kronwall would probably take Green's spot if Green's not back. Daley is 3rd for Dmen with PP ATOI :30 so maybe he takes the 2nd PP group. And as for him being a PP specialist with PIT, last year he was behind Schultz, Letang, and Ian Cole in pts. And he was behind Letang, Schultz, and Mark Streit for PP ATOI so that doesn't sound like it.
  18. The Post Office

    Any Fiber optic internet is better
  19. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    We just had to wriggle a point out of this stinker.
  20. The Post Office

    Spectrum is better.
  21. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    We played tonight?
  22. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Blashill post game: ”We just gotta dig in here and find away to finish these games. This is the Bufflo Sabres, second worst team in the league without there besr player. But we can beat any team, I am a big believer, we have elite players like Abby and Ericsson, both scored tonight. They follow my process and that’s why they scored.”
  23. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    In these ones I always feel a little sorry for the home fans, could have got their monies worth seeing a shoot out but Sabers score with .02 in OT. Obviously being the wings they should know this is how they roll though ...And yaaaayy Petr for his first win, can't wait to see his brand spanking new philly mask when shes done
  24. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    oh for crap's sake we just love finding new ways to blow it, this time with 0.2 seconds left in OT, to Buffalo no less can't we have the decency to lose in regulation so we can increase our Dahlin chances at least?
  25. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    3 goal Jimmy! Any way of giving the loser point back?
  26. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Abby 10 goals on the year!!!!!! All for only 4.5 million a year!!!!!! Also have him for another 5 years!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
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