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  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    Read my my post and figure it out....ill give you a minute
  3. Athanasiou Rumor

    How come Blashill doesnt threaten to go coach in Russia?
  4. Athanasiou Rumor

    Yah, we stunk with Fedorov and Datsyuk. Why would we ever need a good 2C?
  5. Athanasiou Rumor

    Kessel or Kesler?
  6. Met a Couple Red Wings Family Members

    Happy to share with people I know who'll appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Pre-Season Games

  8. Pre-Season Games

    Rasmussen really needs to hit the weight room. Hoping he can develop his body the same way Mantha has over the past couple years.
  9. Pre-Season Games

    Rasmussen getting destroyed along the boards.
  10. Pre-Season Games

    That's what I was thinking. lol
  11. Pre-Season Games

    I think that was Adam Sandler haha now I want to watch Billy Madison.
  12. Pre-Season Games

    LOL at the guy yelling "you blew it"
  13. Pre-Season Games

    Very -- dare I say it -- Zetterbergian.
  14. Pre-Season Games

    Larkin with a snipe. Off the back and in from the corner.
  15. Pre-Season Games

    Larkin scores behind the net, from Mantha.
  16. Pre-Season Games

    Holy crap, Larkin with an impossible angle goal. Nice.
  17. Pre-Season Games

    Just tuned in before the goal....i guess PAP wants a career to end quickly? 90? Didn't anybody warn him?
  18. Pre-Season Games

    He did not. Mrazek gave up two of them
  19. Pre-Season Games

    No, went in around the 10 minute mark. Mantha makes it 3-1...
  20. Pre-Season Games

    Did coreau start the second period?
  21. Pre-Season Games

    I'm hoping it's a comfort/confidence thing. I agree that he hasn't impressed tonight. And he wasn't impressive in his short stint with the Wings last season.
  22. Pre-Season Games

  23. Pre-Season Games

    Yeah I guess. You'd see Maltby jawing at people all of the time, though. Bertuzzi seems tentative and nervous. I'm willing to give him some time to get his confidence. I think he'll be fine.
  24. Pre-Season Games

    go Luke! beat his arse
  25. Pre-Season Games

    Glendening swinging them. Dang!
  26. Pre-Season Games

    Bertuzzi's more a Maltby than a McCarty. The hope is he can become a top-six version of Maltby. If we want a bruiser, Witkowski can do that, I guess. But we have trouble scoring goals and Bertuzzi has a scoring touch that Witkowski doesn't have.
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