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  2. Mrazek traded to Philly

    I have been praising for a tank some time now, albeit in a low key fashion. The talent we pick up needs to be fairly on par with what we will put our efforts on, being the usual suspects, Larks, Mantha, AA, a bubbler or two who shines up when they get the chance. So we need them now, not a few years from now in order to grow to a cohesive unit.
  3. Rumors Thread

    I'd at least want a 2018 2nd round pick+2019 3rd round pick+Aberg for Tatar that should be a pretty fair offer. If i'm Holland that's minimal i'm asking for Tomas Tatar.
  4. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Not trying to at all, just responding to question posed to me. You see, I bring it back to topic in each of these. I know what you all are doing, its humorous! Good trade, nice return for someone who was going to walk come July. I like it! I hope you're wrong about Jimmy...but then again that is Holland's way. So, not sure, but if the Flyers do not make the ECF does the other draft pick disappear?
  5. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Was it name calling or no? Yeah exactly. You’re free to apologize for your accusation in PMs if need be. It was a sarcastic remark and she name called me. She broke rules, I didn’t. Even then it was sarcasm on my part. End of story. And I didn’t cite forum rules so again you’re wrong. Next time you should mind your own business and stay out of our conflict; you’re not a moderator so don’t act like one. In fact you derailed it almost 12 hours after me and her had a back and forth. It was already done and handled.
  6. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Jimmy isn’t going anywhere. Holland will probably offer him another 5 year deal soon enough. It’s like he’s afraid to trade him, even though he’s easily replaceable. Its too bad Philly couldn’t send us Elliott for him, injured and all. But I guess Hextall isn’t that dumb.
  7. Mrazek traded to Philly

    We will see. And sorry, I thought your post was at me, it see it was at Chaps80. I honestly hope Jimmy does good, but I still like Mrazek better. They are about the same, but Howard has less value because of his age and injury history. They traded the one that got them the better return. Although I know Holland wasn't going to qualify him in July, so he probably would've accepted a used stick for him. I wonder what he did to fall out of graces....
  8. Rumors Thread

    Yeah the term thing is exactly what I was thinking. Gotta watch for one of them to potentially disappear midway through the game
  9. Mrazek traded to Philly

    We got a 4th for this guy when we couldn't even give him to Vegas for free before? I'll take it. I would've been okay if Howard had been the one that was traded and we went all in on Petr as well. Worst case scenario he s***s the bed and helps a tank effort, best case he turned into a legit starter. As it is we have a solid, proven guy in Howard and that's fine by me. Good trade imo.
  10. Mrazek traded to Philly

    What is this like your 5th attempt to derail this thread? Anybody wanna actually talk about the trade?
  11. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Topic, topic! But I don't think she enjoyed you calling her out saying she was going to cry. Like she was some kind of baby or something. By her response it's obvious you two have been going back and forth a bit. I came in here and saw you citing forum rules about name calling, when everyday I put up with you and some others flaming me. I don't pull out the rule book when that happens, so I though it was a bit too funny that someone who flames and name calls and makes fun of users daily would cite the forum guidelines. But you see, I also stopped after a couple of posts....but then the same old suspects come in and flame it right back up. I'm sorry your friend *ForLife could not control himself, but I have told the mods I am fine if they let him back as long as he contributes constructively, but he just cannot seem to do so. Now that we are on the same page....TOPIC! I don't want to see anyone get suspended nor do I want to be either.
  12. Rumors Thread

    Man, I would love to move Tatar. Kind of surprised it's Tatar they're interested in rather than Nyquist though. Although I know Poile would prefer to trade for a player with term, so maybe the fact that Tatar's locked in for 3 years rather than 1, is making him the better target for the Preds...
  13. Mrazek traded to Philly

    But Jimmy is literally better than Mrazek
  14. Mrazek traded to Philly

    No, because I am still a fan of his even if he swapped red and white for black and orange. Like I said before, Philly has always been my number two team since I was young. It’s all good.
  15. Mrazek traded to Philly

    I think we’re done with mrazek too. And just to clarify, the bit about us re-signing him cheaper this off season was more what I would like to happen, not what I think will happen.
  16. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Nah, I was a huge Mrazek fan and slappy. I was calling for him to be the starter for a long long time! I hate to see him go, but he really did take a turn for the worse and somehow became a team cancer. Doesn't mean I am a Jimmy fan now, he sucks, always has, always will. I'd still choose Petr over Jimmy, but obviously Jimmy is worth garabge arounf the league and we dealt the one that got us the better return. Which has been fine with me for a long time now. I've said more than a few times that we should trade the one that bring the best return, if not both.
  17. Mrazek traded to Philly

    I STARTED calling her names? Prove it. Go look at the post history one by one. Hockeymom was the one that STARTED by caling me names. And then we both stopped in 2 posts and kept it civil. Until YOU came in here and decided to further derail it and stirred the pot some more.
  18. Rumors Thread

    Most definitely if we can get Foote for Green and then Green resigns back with Detroit which is a very real possibility maybe in the 3 year range around $4.5-$5.0 million range i'd definitely do it.
  19. Rumors Thread

    According to TSN, the leafs offered a 5th for Glendenning and the wings countered with a 2nd. They also mention the leafs probably wanted the wings to retain salary. Dreger mentions the wings are still getting some interest in Glendog Also this
  20. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Awesome! I think you started the derailing when you called HockeyMom a few names. But yes, I do know about 9, but it doesn't mean 9 can banter on without getting a response. Also means that you guys cannot be citing forums rules when they are broken daily by most users. So....back to topic for sure! I agree!
  21. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Yeah, ok. Next you'll be telling everyone you weren't actually a Marzek fan all along. Sure, ok.
  22. Mrazek traded to Philly

    You do realize that the mods and owner of this website know exactly what happened and have allowed it/ given permission right? Are you implying the mods are stupid? Now quit derailing this thread and move on. And next time get a clue. Number9 is back and its with moderstor permission.
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  24. Mrazek traded to Philly

    There was no defeat. Had Mrazek not turned things around before the trade, sure. He was outplaying Howard. That gave some incentive for Philly to look at him. Had he not improved, he would still be here. His contract was the easiest to move of the two also, with Howard still having another year to go and making more money. They got Mrazek for half his salary and what is currently a fourth. Steal. That made him just as affordable as some of the other options, and he comes with an RFA qualifying option, should they feel they should use it. If they dont, he walks. No big deal. Howard wouldn’t fit that. And now we have a vet starter who’s play has dropped off, and a backup who was horrible last time he was up. Hallelujah. But it is good for tank.
  25. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Yes, yes it is. Good Trade! Jimmy Next! Maybe Mrazek will change his name and come back in the off season in the hopes that nobody notices he's the same bad attitude goalie...
  26. Mrazek traded to Philly

    Not sure what your on about mate, this is a Mrazek trade thread. See below DON'T derail threads. When posting in a topic please keep the conversation focused on what it was intended for. Posts that derail threads will be edited and/or deleted. Members that continually derail threads will have his/her posting privileges suspended.
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