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  2. Well, he won’t win every game he plays, or play every game. He is their starter at this point, but Lyon will get to play as well. But ya, Flyers fans trolling on that one. Also saying when Elliott is ready they’ll rotate goalies in the playoffs somehow so Mrazek doesn’t hit the 8 win mark if/when they make the ECF so the third is all they have to hand over. Which is pretty much the highest pick Detroit will get out of it anyways I figure. Theyre trolling. But they sure do seem happy and think Mrazek was a steal because he was heating up and due to their current prospect pool and pile of upcoming draft picks. A third rounder is nothing.
  3. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    I guess I am just wondering why his name hasn't been mentioned by any insiders or teams asking about him. He is a player with a +6 stat on a team that is a -20 goal differential. Plus he's been a heck of a lot better in other aspects of the game than he has been.
  4. Rumors Thread

    The fact that Holland told the Leafs he wanted a 2nd for a fourth liner still baffles me. He’s worth more than a 5th, but not a 2nd. Im not surprised the Leafs didn’t bite.
  5. Rumors Thread

    Market dictates value, not any one player or any one team. You can't say a player is worth a 1st round pick / top prospect, if there is no team willing to pay that price. And if your a team that should be selling (like we are), you should be selling any and every UFA that you have to the highest bidder. You don't hang onto Green, just because your perceived value isn't there. If the most a team offers is a 3rd round pick, you take it. Fortunately for us, that won't be the case. You're going to refuse picks just because they only have a 25% chance of making the NHL? That's still a 25% chance you get an NHL player. 2nd round picks only have about a 40% chance of becoming NHL players. 1st round picks are around 80% chance. It is possible that we miss out on our 1st(s), 2nd(s) and hit a homerun with one of our 3rds. Look at 2011 when we missed on all three 2nd round picks (Jurco, Ouellet and Sproul). Or 2012 when we took Frk in the 2nd round and (who I assume is your favorite current Red Wing) Athanasiou in the 4th (which holds about a 20% chance of becoming an NHL player). We do NEED to trade Green, even if the return is underwhelming. Also, the fact that you see more value in Glendening than Nyquist or Tatar is laughable. I don't necessarily want to give Glendening away, but a 3rd or 4th round pick would be fair value for him. Of course Holland started high, and Toronto started low, which means his value is likely somewhere in between. Glendening is not a "integral part of our team". He's a replaceable 4th liner. If we move him, we promote Turgeon and lose very little short term and likely gain the better player long term. Nyquist / Tatar are both worth much more. And neither should be moved as a cap dump. We don't need the cap space, and we don't have any wingers in the system banging on the door to take their spots. Svechnikov is struggling and aside from him, there's no one ready. The chance of Svech coming in and replacing Nyquist's / Tatar's production is slim to none. Green - Hopefully a 1st or high end prospect, but you take best offer on the table. Glendening - 3rd or 4th round pick, but doesn't need to me moved. Nyquist / Tatar - 2nd round pick (and maybe a prospect), but don't need to be moved. Ouellet - late round pick, but probably doesn't have any value. Howard - 2nd round pick, but shouldn't be moved. We do not want a tandem of Coreau and McCollum...
  6. Rumors Thread

    Heh last time I agreed with you about not needing cap space, everyone jumped on it. But I still agree. Holland will have some open cap. Maybe he can make a few moves after the deadline for lower value guys and clear some more. I said before the Mrazek trade that he may take less to stick around due to his value being lower, but many didn’t agree with that. With Green, his value isn’t low. Once he hits UFA he’ll get offers for at least what he was making in Detroit, maybe a bit more if there’s a bidding war. I can’t see him turning down that kinda money to sign in Detroit for $3-4 million per heading into a rebuild. I’m sure he’d like to win a Cup sooner than later. The one thing that may make him resign in Detroit for less (if he really likes it that much there) would be if he won a Cup with the team he was traded to this deadline. As for not really wanting him back, he can’t help much with the current roster headed for bad times. Save the money. Play one of the kids instead.
  7. Karlsson on the move?

    ..and still recorded 1A in these four minutes.
  8. Rumors Thread

    Well you basically have this All Star defenseman in his 30s, on a team that is focusing on a youth movement and needs cap space to sign these younger (potential) superstars. Re-signing Green in the offseason will make signing Larkin, Mantha, AA a lot more difficult. It'll be easier next off season after some other contracts drop off, but right now it doesn't make sense to commit money to Green. What other players do you drop to make cap space? The demand for players like Kronwall, Nyquist, Tatar, Abdelkader, Helm probably isn't high due to their performance and contract situation. I'm just envisioning a nightmare situation like we had with AA and we have almost no cap space and we have a good young player that can't be signed except this time its with 3 good young players.
  9. Rumors Thread

    Alright yeah, I get the main points you’re trying to convey. A second is just more than we could ever hope for. Maybe a third with retained salary.. but I do think that Glen means more to Kenny, Blashill, etc than we’d ever get back in a trade anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter who else wants him. I do disagree with the idea of shedding cap, THEN going after JT. You go after him first and if you get him, then you shed the cap. It could hurt the return a little of course, but I think there are ways to where it wouldn’t result in us completely giving talent away.
  10. Rumors Thread

    Speaking of the salary dump. The only reason we may want to dump salary is if Holland wants to run at JT or JVR for example. We have $12.8M in cap right now for next season. Which could be as high as $16.7M with Franzen's salary 100% on LTIR, even more if the cap goes up some. That should be plenty enough to re-sign ALL our RFA's, including Coreau as backup to Jimmy, maybe sign a mid-tier UFA (like we did with Witko) PLUS bring Green back on a lessor contract. But then we'd have basically the exact same team, maybe worse with the goaltending situation. Holland had said that he feels that he needs to clear some cap space before July 1, so that puts us in the position of need, so again, we may be forced to accept less than market value to attain our goal. But no, you are right, if we remain status quo we have no pressing need to clear cap, if we want to have a similar team as this year with no chance at making the team better via UFA, we can keep our guys and not have to clear cap in order to re-sign out important RFA's.
  11. Rumors Thread

    I agree that we don't NEED to dump salary, unless Holland is setting up for a run at JT (which why wouldn't he) and yes Tatar and Nyquist shoud, on an even market, bring back a higher return than Glenny. BUT As stated, if we are clearing cap for a reason, then it is OUR need to move some higher paid players, which means, we may be forced to accept less than market value in order to move the money. Sure if a team is hot on one of them (like we heard NSH may be) then ya, we should get a higher return. But if we are trading them for OUR benefit (cap space) then we'd have to get what we could get, because the prize in that exchange would be the cap space cleared rather than the asset received. Again though, in the case of, they called us, we weren't/aren't actively trying to get rid of him, Toronto obviously was very interested in the specific set of skills that Luke brings to the table, PLUS they are inter-divisional, they should have to pay up to our price, IF they are that interested in prying him away from us. If not, we keep him, because he is worth more to this team now and the future than a 5th round pick that may or may not ever see the NHL.
  12. So they´re cool with renting a player for four games for 4th pick? Trololo...
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  14. Rumors Thread

    My point is, we don't need to move or are shopping Luke. He is a very important player on our team. He is a RH'd defensive minded center, PK'er, shutdown player that is sought after this time of year. If someone is calling us asking for his availability, then they better have an offer we cannot refuse because we have no pressing need to trade him. A 5th was insulting and a 2nd from a top 6 team in basically a very high 3rd, so IMO, no it's not over-payment from someone who feels they need him for his specific assets he brings.
  15. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Page two hype! Bolded: because his contract isn’t expiring and he’s a third pairing caliber d man? Do you actually wonder why or do you just wish he were generating interest? I definitely wish he were too.. but I doubt he even will next year unless he has a great year out of nowhere. Maybe we’ll get a late pick for him; which is fine.. better than nothing.
  16. Karlsson on the move?

    Last night, Paul Woods made a very interesting point with regards to Dahlin. He said that you cannot believe all the hype you hear about these young players. He mentioned that if this kid is the hands down best defenseman that Sweden has, then why, in a tourney that has zero NHL caliber players, why has he only logged 4:36 of total icetime at the Olympics. He only played 1 game, and he only played 4:36 total. He was not saying he stinks or he may not be all the hype, but his point, and it was a very good one, was, if he is having some issues in the Olympics where there are no NHL players, then he may not be so NHL ready to lead a franchise because the NHL is the highest/fastest/best league in the world and even a kid with all that potential and hype still needs to learn the NHL game and learn how to play at its speed. Again, not saying that he is not all that the hype is touting, but Woods really does have a good point. If he is hands down the best Swedish D-man, then why is there other Swedish D-men playing in every game in the Olympics and he was stuck at 1 game w/only 4:36 icetime?
  17. Rumors Thread

    I don’t dislike Glendog by any means, but a fourth line center is in no way worth more than a top six winger. If we only got a 3rd for Tatar or Nyquist, I’d be pissed. We don’t need to clear cap. And the only way I could see Glen getting us a 2nd is MAYBE if we retain half his cap hit and send a later pick back the other way. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to get a 2nd for him straight up.. and I’d be damn impressed if we did. But I don’t see that ever happening. I don’t think XO has any trade value. He might even clear waivers.. Also, I agree with wanting an NHL ready prospect or a first for Green but I’m trying to not get my hopes up too high. Hah. Could see it settling to something like what NYR got for Grabner. A lot of fans would probably be disappointed, and I’d like a little more than that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we got something along those lines.
  18. Rumors Thread

    No is giving a 2nd for No one.
  19. Rumors Thread

    Green does need to be traded because he's a UFA. However, he doesn't need to be traded because we need the cap space or the roster spot. Trading him for assets and bringing him back is the best thing for this team, both short term and long term. I do think he would take less than he's making now. Sure, other teams would be interested in him, but he's stated several times that he wants to stay in Detroit. If that is true, he should be willing to take a pay cut. Why would you not take him back? He's far and away our best defenseman, and no one in the organization would be able to come close to replacing him. It makes no sense...
  20. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    maybe this puts us to page 2? YEP! Anyhow, I listened to it on my drive down to Detroit, didn't sound real good outside of a few things here and there. Kudos to E for scoring, who is this Ericsson guy and what happened to my Swedish Pylon? I still don't know why his name isn't out there showing interest from playoff teams. I hope his play continues and reaches into next season as well! Maybe if we're a lottery team then (which we probably will be) he can bring us a 2nd round pick at the TDL 2019.
  21. Karlsson on the move?

    Your original response was "Lidstrom is better than Potvin". There was no such comparison made by me. If I'm comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing apples to orangutans... Whatever though, I guess I should have never mentioned Lidstrom... There has never been as much HYPE surrounding a draft eligible defenseman as there currently is with Rasmus Dahlin. Period. HYPE! Fixed.
  22. Arena Parking

    So I went to last night's game and took my dad along with me and wanted to just update this thread with my thoughts on the place. Beautiful arena, no doubt. My only knock on it is the seating. They really stuffed those seats in there - at 6'0, my knees have never been so cramped. Even my dad at about 5'8" was a little cramped. Still, as much as the seating sucks, it still wouldn't prevent me from going a game there. I also now understand why the arena looks empty on TV. Unbelievable the amount of people that are watching the game from the concourse on the screens! I guess a lot of people go to the game just to be in that environment, but don't really care to watch the game in the bowl, they are content with hanging out in there and watching it on the screens. Curious if this will change when the Wings get good again actually.
  23. Rumors Thread

    According to Paul Woods on last nights broadcast, on average, if a player is drafted in the 3rd round he only has a 25% chance of making the NHL. Of course the lower the round, the less likely he is to make it. With that being said, unless you are trying to dump salary (Nyquist/Tatar) or the player no longer fits into your plans/not wanted or is replaceable from within (XO/Mrazek) there is no absolutely no reason to accept any draft pick lower than a 2nd unless a prospect is coming back If the player is sought after for the experience and/or intangibles that he brings yet you really don't NEED to trade that player (Green/Glenny/Howard) you hold all the cards. Anything less than a 1st or an NHL ready prospect for Green from a Cup Favorite is an insult and Kenny should just keep him and re-sign him. If All TPA wants to offer is a 2nd, which in reality will more than likely be a #58-#62, basically a high 3rd, then I would hang up the phone. If they throw an NHL ready prospect in with that 2nd, now I'm interested. If indeed Green wants to come back, we do not NEED to trade him for a pick that has an average of 25% or worse chance of making the NHL in 4-5 years. is a very integral part of our team. He is a defensive minded RH'd center that logs a good amount of icetime, kills penalties and is matched up with teams top players a lot of times. His cap hit isn't too bad considering what you are paying Helm and Abby to be on his line most nights. For Toronto to offer a 5th round pick for a player with Luke's intangibles is insulting. Kudos to Holland for asking for a 2nd round pick. That 5th round draft pick will take at least 4-5 years to even be NHL ready, if he makes it at all. All the while Toronto would get a rare RH'd center with the defensive prowess of Glenny and we get a player that more than likely will never see an NHL ice surface outside of prospect camp. I am not saying Glenny is the hands down Selke winner for his ability, but when it comes to depth down the middle, a player with Luke's assets is a integral piece to that playoff team that needs to fill that position. So if we're listening to offers on him, it damn well better be a 2nd or an NHL ready prospect to come in and replace what he brings. Anything less no thanks! If we trade Tatar and or Nyquist, maybe 2nds and 3rds are fine because we are basically trading them to free up cap space and get a little something in return for them. If we are trading XO, he is basically a 7th D-man making over $1M, how many 7th D-men do we have now that make way less? XO for a late round pick is a no brainer because even if that pick never makes the NHL, we really aren't losing out by trading XO. That is why Holland accepted what Philly offered for Petr. He wasn't going to be in our plans, he wasn't going to be qualified, so he would've left for nothing. Even if the pick remains a 4th and we don't get the 2019 pick, it doesn't matter if that guy makes it really because we weren't going to have Petr here anyhow, so just having a player with a chance to make it is better that nothing. Why not have the same mindset on Green, you may ask? Well because Green is highly sought after by, according to Paul Woods, no less than 4 teams. Sure if he does come back, then getting "something" for him in the form of lower picks than a 1st is a bonus. But there is the chance, if he wins a Cup somewhere, he may want to stay there and try to win more, so if we're trading a player that could be the chip that gets the dip for a team, PLUS he signs there for less and helps them remain favorites, we need to be compensated appropriately. Like stated many times, a 2nd from TPA or NSH, for example, is basically a 3rd, and Green is worth more than that. So IMO Green should garner either a 1st outright, an NHL ready player outright, or if we accept a 2nd it better include at LEAST a mid-to-near ready NHL prospect. If it's less than a 2nd, it damn well better include that NHL ready Prospect. I realize that the TDL is full of surprises and let downs when it comes to what a fan is hoping to see, but honestly, for players who are still important members of this team now and the future, I hope that Holland just hangs up the phone if he receives any type of lowball offer like the one Toronto tried on him. So: Mike Green: 1st RND -or- NHL Ready Prospect -or- 2nd RND Mid-Near Ready NHL Prospect -or- Lower RND pick PLUS NHL Ready Prospect. 2nd RND pick -or- NHL Ready Prospect Nyquist/Tatar/Howard: some kind of fair market value return in order to clear cap. XO: Mid to later RND pick * and yes I do realize they are probably not trading Howard now, but I list him because his name has been out there as a possibility, and if the offer is good, take it IMO.
  24. Rumors Thread

    I think Hicketts is ready, and would be surprised if he doesn't make the team at some point next season. He would be a good replacement for Daley if we were able to move him, although I know that won't happen. I'm not even necessarily saying we should get rid of Daley, just that it wouldn't make a huge difference either way. Losing Green would make a huge difference. Hronek is likely another full season away, although I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a look at some point between now and then. He may even get a call-up as soon as next week, after Green is traded...
  25. Rumors Thread

    Exactly why it would be dumb to let Green walk. Our defense is a mess right now. Imagine this defense without Green... All of a sudden, our best offensive defenseman is Nick Jensen? That's kind of scary... Again, this team doesn't need more mediocre defensemen (Daley), whether they're young or old. We need difference makers on the blue line (Green), no matter their age.
  26. Rumors Thread

    Green never should have been a 3rd pair defenseman in Washington. Nor should he be a number one here. He is still a top 2 in this league though. Number 3 at worst. His numbers support this. This team's biggest issue, like I said previously, is that we have too many players playing up the lineup. We have 2nd pairing defensemen playing top pair, bottom pairing defensemen playing 2nd pair, etc. Letting Green walk just adds to that problem. Green has 29 points in 56 games. Daley has 9 points in 55 games. That's a huge gap in production. Green has gotten the bulk of power-play time because he's by far the best quarterback on the team. No one (including Daley) is close. Daley has 0 power-play points in 30 minutes, and Green has 13 power-play points in 136 minutes. Daley hasn't looked good on the power-play in the few games Green has missed either. Without Green our power-play struggles, and team struggles. Anyway, my point is, no single player on this team or in the system can replace the production Green brings to this team. However, I believe a number of players could replace Daley's production, minutes and defensive ability. If we didn't sign Daley, and we let any of Ouellet / Sproul / Hicketts take his spot, I don't think our defense looks all that different. If we don't re-sign Green, and we let one of Ouellet / Hicketts take his spot, I think our defense is MUCH worse. Daley plays 20 minutes a night. Give 16 of those minutes to a younger player, and spread the other 4 minutes among the other five defensemen. Daley has put up 9 points, easily replaceable. Daley is good defensively and plays on the penalty kill, so are / can Ouellet and Hicketts. Hicketts is very good defensively and a great penalty killer. He's not afraid to go to the dirty areas, loves hitting and blocking shots. The only thing that none of these guys would have been able to replace is Daley's leadership and other off-ice qualities. Everything he does on the ice, I believe could be replaced from within. I think you're overstating how close these players are to one another. I don't see it at all...
  27. 2/22 GDT - Sabres at Red Wings 7:30 PM EST

    Damn, almost reached page two huh?
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