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  2. Just saw video of after Howard was pulled. Wonder what he said to Blashill? He looked pretty pissed to be taken out of the game. No meltdowns now Jimmy, please.
  3. 3 goal Howard

    so the D-men in front of him share none of the blame?
  4. Why are we better than last season?

    It seems like individually, most of the players are equal to or better than last year. Some players were upgraded (Daley for Smith). Shouldn't they then be better collectively than last year? I think that might be why it seems that way.
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  6. Rumors Thread

    OOPS, wrong thread.
  7. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    I agree. He's not underachieving this year. I posted in another thread that before his injury, he was like 5th? in points among forwards. He is putting up 2nd line numbers and is outperforming both Nyquist and Tatar who are underacheiving this year IMO. Only a 1/4 of the way thru the season, and Abby has scored only 5 points less than he did all of last year. Definitely not underachieving this season. He's on pace for 64 points, his best ever. If he does that, the haters will be silenced, for now. As I'm sure most of you already know, Abby's criticism comes from the fact that he dropped way down in points (21) last season from the season before (42). Based on his contract, I think some people's expectations were too high, that he was supposed to be a power forward with hands. He's not. I think he's better than last year's numbers, that it's an anomaly. And if he continues to score around 60 points a season, people's opinion of him will change (If they're being reasonable).
  8. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    First bold: 100% agree. Not saying the players or organization believe that, but a lot of fans do. Exactly the reason he shouldn't be captain. Second bold with italics: 100% agree. Exactly the reason he has earned, deserves to be an alternate. Third bold underlined: 100% agree. It's the fact that BOTH can be said about him that he shouldn't be captain. Previous captains (Y, Z, Lids) all had impeccable records. No one could really argue that they didn't deserve it, hadn't earned it. None of them could be said to be "underachievers". Abby doesn't fit that mold, so no "C".
  9. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    Mantha, Larkin, Green, and Howard all have a chance.
  10. The MANtha watch.....

    If we miss the playoffs again he will be gone. I hope!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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  13. 2018 Detroit Red Wing All-Star(s)

    Wings could set a record this season for the most players in an all star game w/o making the playoffs.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    The one time you should wear ur hockey gear off the rink. Have fun. Stay safe.
  15. sports, why are you like this

  16. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    Don't put the puck on net when the play is dead or else
  17. No, in Detroit, not Grand Rapids. Again, misrepresentation or misinterpretation... As I said, Smith played 14 games in his first NHL season. Janik played 9 games? Well Smith must have played upwards of 90% of those 9 games with Janik. You don't think "Janik was a low quality partner"? "lol" I haven't abandoned the PK argument. I still think that is one of the reasons Smith was mishandled early in his career. The same way I would think putting Hronek on the PK in his first season or two would be a blunder by the coaching staff. I'm still discussing because you're still telling me my opinion is "wrong", which I find ridiculous. I just don't understand why it's so difficult for you to accept an opinion (as stupid as you may think it is), and move on... I agree with a lot of your hockey views / opinions, but one I do disagree with is your opinion of Babcock being the best coach in the NHL. However, I'm not going to spend countless hours trying to prove your opinion wrong...
  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    I have plans to get a new PC and television. Wish me luck against the hordes. They should just suspend all rules of law on black friday
  20. Brendan Smith traded to Rangers for 2nd (2018) and 3rd (2017) Round Draft Picks

    Janik played 9 games in Detroit while Smith was here...where are u getting the fact that Janik was his most consistent partner? From their time in GR? You honestly think playing in GR with Janik ruined Smith? You say im misrespresenting your argument but then go on to talk about how Janik was a low quality partner lol very similar to the "im done done discussing"... but then you keep discussing. I like that weve abandoned the silly PK argument at least
  21. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

  22. Fact correction: In his career, Smith played fewer than 4 minutes with Lidstrom. Logic correction: Teams need more than 4 defensemen playing pk. Smith was only ever a tertiary option, which is fine. Also, he was sheltered early (and most of his time here), which is better than the alternative. Playing him in a higher role, with a better partner, would have been more defensive responsibility and far more likely to damage a young player's confidence as well as hurt the team.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    Up in the North here we gave our thanks over a month ago, but I will wish you a rage filled black Friday.
  24. Ah the stating false information. Smith never got the "special courtesy" to play with Lidstrom in his first 7 games. Smith played 14 games in Lidstrom's last season and played a whopping 0.5% of his time paired with Lidstrom. His most consistent partner was Janik, which he played 48.4% of his time with. I never once said it was any of his D partners fault (misrepresentation), nor did I say he always had bad partners (again, misinterpretation). For the first year or two, he spent the better chunk of his time with scrubs. No Janik was not supposed to prop Smith up. Janik wasn't even an NHL quality defenseman. It's on the coaching staff to put the highly touted kid with a partner that would benefit him. Maybe Babcock thought that was Janik. I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't disagree with that though. Lashoff has consistently been paired with Russo, but I'd be completely okay with him being paired with Hronek down in Grand Rapids. Playing with Lashoff down in GR, who is a top pair defenseman down there, and playing with Lashoff in Detroit, who shouldn't be near the NHL, is two completely different things...
  25. Smith did really well in his first stints with Lidstrom and Kronwall. i don't think it's particularly anyone's fault, but of course it is a lot easier to adjust to the NHL for a new player if they have better and more experienced linemates and defensive partners. Part of the problem with smith is that by the time he was ready to make a decent fist if the NHL on a team that demands 2 way play, there was a dearth of candidates qualified to take care of the new guy. 2 years earlier he could have got significant time on a really deep, high quality and smart defence. As it happens he had mediocre partners when he needed good ones because the cupboard was suddenly rather bare. Sadly he remained a player who needed a bit of babysitting which is probably just a reflection of him not being the cleverest by comparison.
  26. Just a random thought... he had some snarl early on but the suspension of 5 games for a preseason headshot may have been more of a setback than many think due to his perceived lack of mental toughness.
  27. Brendan Smith traded to Rangers for 2nd (2018) and 3rd (2017) Round Draft Picks

    Ah the shifting of the argument to his partners. Now its their fault i assume for not propping up Smith? Doug Janik played all of 7 games for the Wings while Smith was here. And I got in an argument with you about Brian Lashoff about a month ago where you defended the great influence that Brian Lashoff is on our young D. So which is he? Never the less your claim that he always had bad partners is false, Smith spent plenty of time up and down the lineup with different partners. The organization even partnered him with Lidstrom his first 7 games. Im not aware of another Dman who recieved that special courtesy in their first stint.
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