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  2. Maybe. Which one is Don Johnson?
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  4. Not with his playoff history. Guy is accustomed to go golfing in mid April.
  5. Not offside. Either way Tatar jumping tonight, showing his suitors that he can help a team win a Cup!
  6. Fun stat. Butch Goring had 102 PIM total, in over 1,100 games played.
  7. Blashill would probably praise his "compete" level
  8. Why did the Bruins give up so much for a has been like Rick Nash? His stats haven't been impressive in some time.
  9. Helm increased his trade value a bit!
  10. He's being packaged with Larkin, Athansiou, and Mantha for Butch Goring.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised. But I haven't seen any of the insiders say that, maybe just irate fan speculation...i swear it's not Me!
  12. Ok, I must have missed something... Why has Frk been scratched?
  13. 13 shots against first period. Gotta get that number down.
  14. I'm reading around on Twitter that interest for Mike Green has fallen. I blame Adam Erne.
  15. takes a min to get around the ads.. but.. :D
  16. Jensen with 2 bad giveaways already.
  17. Bah. Can't watch it then. I wonder whose last game for Detroit I'll be missing...
  18. Jesus my ears bleed when I hear Holland spill his rhetoric. So the new phrase is : maintain your culture.
  19. Almost game time! GL tonight, you guys got a pretty easy win with our rebuild in place and our 7 straight games losing streak.
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