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    Entry Draft Order...if season is lost

    So when it boils down, other teams have more balls than the Wings....
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    Martin Frk

    Maltby was a 50 goal scorer in juniors! Edit: am I doing this right?
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    [Retired] Official Lockout Thread

    Does anyone feel like I do at this point and would rather them just cancel the whole season than force a deal and we get stuck with some mid rate 50 game season? Ask NBA fans what the quality of games were like in a 66 game season last year.
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    I appears that players are starting to seriously consider the idea of union decertification ( http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=410081 ). If they manage to get it done it would be interesting to see league with its anti-trust exemptions gone. No cap, no draft, every player for himself.
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    Martin Frk

    The year he was drafted (09-10), Nestrasil scored at 1.02 PPG. Frk is scoring at a 1.35 PPG clip. Frk is actally 8 months younger than Nestrasil was that year. It doesn't sound like a lot but at that age it usually is. Frk began his QMJHL career out almost 2 years younger. Frk also has some crash and bang to his game whereas Nestrasil never did He was sick in the NHL which should be changed to the NHL currently the N stands for No instead of National
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    Mackinnon.... sorry about being drafted by Columbus :/
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    1. Hence why I said "Rights traded" 2. Wasn't meant to 3. Signing Gonchar for 5.5 in 2010 would have been dumb. We still had Rafalski Stuart and Lidstrom. Salo's 3.75 cap hit takes him till he's 40. We need that money the next few years to give our young guys raises, instead it would be wasted on a 38-40 year old fast declining. Have no idea what your talking about with Hammer. Everyone one of our D-men outscored him last year except Ericsson, who had just 2 fewer points. (Smith had 7 pts in 14 gp and likely would have) (Kindl matched him playing 13 fewer games). 4. Jussi and Joni grew up playing together in Finland and are best friends. My bad on Carle, for some reason I thought Tampa drafted him, though I don't think he's worth 5.5. Jovo continued to live in Florida during those 13 years, I'm sure now that he's close to retirement he wanted to return home. Like i said, why didn't Kenny chase Bryan Allen???
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    What I want to know is why a grown man with no kids is hanging out at a concert like that. Only thing I can think of is Cindy is a pedophile and cruising for underage girls (or boys).