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    Two postgame thoughts: The other team is allowed to improve. There's no point sighing about how game 2 was different from game 1. Assuming Boston wouldn't be able to come up with a better effort in game 2 just isn't realistic. Howard didn't have a very good game, but the loss wasn't all on him -- or even mostly on him. If he had allowed 2 goals in each of the first two games, on the road against the #1 seed, he'd have a better GAA, and would have demonstrated consistency on the road, and the wings would be down 2-zip. If you score 2 goals in 2 games on the road against the 1-seed, and you go back home with a split, that's kind of incredible. Credit to Howard for stealing one. Now, it's up to the rest of the team to figure out how to win a game *without* needing Howard to steal it.
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    Pretty funny how chara acts tough until a guy like Tatar leans on him and he dives...
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    Howard's opening gaffe really set the tone. The 2nd one was weak, but the Bruins were camping out in front of the net and our D wasn't clearing s***. We desperately miss Zetterberg and Ericsson. I don't like how the Bruins beat us up tonight and rubbed it in our faces, Smith should've Bobby Clarked Chara when he had the chance that big f*** lurch. We are very much alive in this series, and Boston laughing at us today should piss the Wings off to no end going into Game 3. Babs needs to change the lines, gotta get the kid line back together, gotta get Nyquist some help, and if Alfie is hurt take his old ass out. He was ******* horrible today, doesn't look like a guy looking for a Cup, he looks like Sammy.
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    Franzen needs to start playing or be bought out. He is not worth the cap hit for the 25 games a season he shows up for. The rest he brings nothing to the team. He can't live off the playoffs anymore as he now has just as many bad ones as he has good. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
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    For god's sakes give Datsyuk some decent linemates. Franzen and Abs? My god what a joke.
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    Really need Mule to produce. Someone kick the ass in the ass.
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    From the HFBoards...
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    What are your thoughts? Change anything? Personally, I'd like to see Dats get a better lineup and the original kid line back together. Also, Bert and Anderson in, Alfie and Glendening out. Nyquist - Datsyuk - Abdelkader Tatar - Sheahan - Jurco Franzen - Helm - Bertuzzi Miller - Legwand - Anderson
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    Let us pause for a second. Bruins fans -- not all, but some -- booed Jesus. ON EASTER. Not cool, Boston. If you lose this series, you can probably point to the negative karma accrued by booing the Christ on his big day. (Additionally, you no longer get to make fun of Philadelphia for booing Santa.)
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    Songs played at Joe Louis Arena

    Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi usually rocks there with crowd singing... And Sweet Caroline too. It's a great great atmosphere when we're winning at the Joe that's for sure!
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    In my opinion, you take that entire game and throw it out the window. We played terrible. Like someone stated before this series will be dictated on how the games are played. The Bruins have no fear of taking liberties to take us off our game because even if we get a pp it builds momentum for them. Go back to the drawing board because if we can't figure out how to turn our PP into at least some sort of momentum let alone a goal. This series is over pretty quick. Our zone entry today was the worst I have seen in a long time. We didn't just have one bad PP but 4 giving Boston the momentum. So leave that game in the dude it was a terrible performance at every end of the rink. Use the home ground to get the legs moving and out work them down low.
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    The reffing is what it is, but its a shame that it seems like off ice complaining impacts calls. I think the league wanted more pps today to give bos every chance to tie the series. Every other organization is corrupt, why let a big money making machine off the hook? I still think this game had more to do with no pressure in the ozone, no speed tonight.
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    im afraid Jimmy set the tone for this game with that awful play for the first goal and it just went down hill from there. hey we came away with a split , we have gotta win tues for a chance to take it to 6 games i feel.
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    We need Zetterberg to return to win this series. Franzen and Alfie look done, no matter what line they're on. Babcock does need to mix the lines, though, because it's not working right now.
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    That's the way Howard always is, aka average.
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    Knocked cold. Wakes up. Sees scrum. Tries to get into the fray. Backes is a beast. Hope he's ok.
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    Here's a couple Lord of the Rings themed photoshops I tossed together, including Gandats and Gollum Rask.
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    Lmfao!!! Never thought I would see blazing saddles in a thread. But that fits so well. That my pick for the win.
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    He's exactly the kind of coach that Washington needs in order to instill some work ethic, defense, and discipline into their underachieving asses. As such he will almost certainly not be hired and they will instead pursue some non-entity who fits their hairbrained notion that you can win a Cup on pure unadulterated goalscoring.
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    As a Nashville Predators Fan,I would like to thank barry trotz for his hard work and dedication that he gave the Nashville Predators for 15 seasons,You will missed standing behind for the Predators next season,This is truly the end of a era in nashville
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    *files this under "things that cannot be unseen"*
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