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    Helm is one of the best puck hounds and bottom sixers in the game. The problem only arises when he's in the top six, and then the issue of cost and term.
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    He said play top 6 "in a pinch" and then said he needs to agree to play bottom 6 role strictly. You turned what he said around hard.
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    Detroit Red Wings ‏@DetroitRedWings 2m2 minutes ago UPDATE: #RedWings EVP & GM Ken Holland announced today that the team has hired John Torchetti as an assistant coach.
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    Radulov's old coach eh !?
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    As far as the Helm vs. Miller discussion goes I say let them both walk. Use the cap you save on a player that actually helps the team and fill their roles with the younger guys trying to make the team.
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    I can't believe anyone could talk trash about Helm not having hands, or puck possession skills and the defend Miller's game. He has ZERO ability to hold on to the puck and make plays. Plus he's slow. Can't even dump and chase. On his best shift he dumps the puck and changes.
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    Yes, everyone that thinks Helm is a very good bottom 6 forward is actually Helm in disguise. In fact, Helm has already been gone for a full season. He left for Toronto for whopping $50M last spring. No wait, wasn't Helm the guy that coached the Red Wings into the playoffs last season? Or was he that guy leaving for Russia known as the "Magic Man"? Or maybe he's that bald guy with glasses that knows everything hockey related between the glass on NBC?... I'm so confused, there are way too many Darren Helm's... No matter how many times you say "Helm sucks", it's not going to make it true... Pretty much every advanced stat out there proves you wrong. But year, keep beating that drum, you obviously know better than NHL GM's, coaches, players, analysts, and the majority of fans... Although, Id prefer to get him locked up for under $3M, he absolutely is worth every bit of 3, and he will get that or more whether he signs here or elsewhere this summer...
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    The only way Miller helps this team is if he gets hurt and one of the younger players gets a shot.
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    I don't want either of them back to be honest, but some of the things being said about Miller... lol. The guy is a plug, plain and simple. Average PKer, boat anchor at 5on5, not a speedy player to begin with coming off a major knee injury, and a non-physical 4th liner. I blame Kenny for this, only he would have fans arguing over plugs coming back over and over
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    Maybe Helm is the most underrated player on this team now.
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    The right choice based on who was available. Now onto making the team better!
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    Wanted Richards but this is other good viable option Let's hope he turns things around
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    Awesome. Now let's focus on the draft and free agents.
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    Define "3rd line." Is it your third best line? Your checking shut down D line? Helm isn't big enough to play like Abdelkader, and can't pass, shoot, or stick handle well enough to be productive in any other role. That's not a $3 mil player. Blashcock wants his check line to play safe, boring hockey. That's why you get guys like Miller and Glendening on cheap short term deals and when you get a kid who shows he can do that job effectively, you let the vet go. A $3 mil player doing that is a waste of cap space.
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    Darren Helm had less turnovers than Pavel Datsyuk and Zetterberg last season lol. On the contrary, I'd say you need Helm more than Miller. Helm is a centerman that can play wing, Miller can't play center. What exactly does Miller do that Helm can't? Block shots? Blocking shots shouldn't be a reason to keep someone on your roster. AA is our replacement for Helm not Miller. Our replacement for Miller would be someone like Callahan or Bertuzzi from GR. Looking at the numbers here, Helm throws more hits than Miller, he scores more goals, he has more assists and points per game, he has far greater possession metrics. Helm has 9 career short handed goals to Miller's 3. Almost every aspect of the game, whether it's offense or defense aside Helm is better than Miller. Except blocking shots. Also Helm is the fastest skater on the team. Miller isn't even close. Helm is just better plain and simple lol. And my references are - http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/h/helmda01.html http://espn.go.com/nhl/player/_/id/3521/darren-helm https://puckalytics.com/skatercorsistats.html
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    last game of the season tonight
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    If Radulov is honestly looking for 7.5 million/yr for 2 years as the rumors are floating around he and his agent are out of their minds.
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    Agree with a top pairing two way D man.. But I think a pure goal scoring forward is a very close second.
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    Helm should go, hopefully they offered him something like $3M. We don't need him. I'd rather keep AA and Mantha all season long.
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    In the past, this poll would be easy. Back then, we were good and were missing a piece or two. Now we need at least 4 of those categories. Maybe all 5, but we likely don't need any defensive defensemen (though an upgrade over what we have would be nice). But all the other categories we badly need to upgrade. I didn't vote because I can't decide what the biggest need is. I'm leaning towards offensive defenseman, because your offense starts from the blue line.
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    Yes, they are, unfortunately. Murray was a beast in the AHL and he had a couple good games in the NHL before Fleury got injured. I was really hoping Murray would stay buried in the depth chart. Lots of young speedsters, superstars and a good strategy will keep them up there for awhile, I think. However, this is a copycat league and teams will see the Pens success and try to copy it by putting together a speedy team that applies tons of offensive pressure. If the Pens face someone like them or simply just anyone that can disrupt their constant flow of offensive pressure, they'll have a harder time winning games.
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    I guess Prince and Bowie will be performing
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    Random Discussion Thread

    For the LAY-DEEZ! ...How 'bout them Tatar Tots?
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    I thought Radulov had grown up and it wasn't about the money? If he is truly asking for 7.5 mill then I don't think he has actually "matured." Time to find some other tires to kick.
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    16/17 offseason