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    Hey guys -- apologies for the issues. I was out of town when the forums went down earlier this week (part of a faulty security update that didn't completely finish) and didn't even realize it until someone reached out to me via the Facebook page. Should be all set now. Best way to get ahold of me if there are issues is through Facebook or via Twitter (@LetsGoWingscom).
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    I will be on HFboards among other people from here. As a backup. This is always home though but just in case something happens that is permanent. Same username and s***. Some of you may need to reassess your usernames. Like @Jonas Mahonas? Really? Better off being called @Bill Berzeench or something. If this site goes down permanently, watch out for a thread I start in HFboards it will be titled "Callin all LGW people" or something
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    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    I dont think you have to worry, Custance reported today that its not looking likely.
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    I honestly don't get the interest. Even if they needed a 2C, why not just bump Nielsen up and have Helm center the 3rd line with Rass rotating in and out? I don't even consider Filppula a 2C anymore, and there are plenty of other forwards to play in the middle 6. The irony of re-signing the guy that you tried to replace with Weiss, then replaced with Nielsen only to have him be your 3C.
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    gcom007 -- There's a lot more that needs to be done. I'm looking to update the template as some of the incremental updates of the forum software have made the interface less than ideal... and I've gotta get Tatar off that header image .
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    Phew... Good to be back, y'all. And good opportunity to say thanks to Matt for all he does. You realize when it's gone how great it is to have this community of fans, all the more so when you no longer live in Detroit among the faithful.
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    I’m sticking by San Jose for him.. maybe mainly off hoping it’s not Toronto
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    Honestly, I'm not too excited about the Filppula rumors. I thought that is what Nielsen was for, a middle 6 center. I don't understand the logic in being afraid Z doesn't play out his contract. We have plenty of centers to step into the middle 6 role.
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    Right. I’m not saying he’s amazing or anything but Howard is a serviceable enough starter. He’s definitely kept us in some games that we had no business being in at times.
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    Less cap hit and short term. This is great. He's definitely our best Dman.
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    https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/redwings CapFriendly shows it a done deal. With this signing, we are now at $15Mish in cap space, plus Franzen LTIR of $3.9M for about $19M. With our need to sign a G, could we still swing a deal for Faulk? I think it would cause cap hell if we did, he makes $4.8M and we'd be probably trading away 1 or 2 players that aren't even impacting our cap at the moment, AA and Svech. It might put us in a bind to re-sign Mantha, Larkin and bring up Ras along with signing Zadina and Veleno. I fully believe that Ras, Zadina and Veleno should all be on our roster come October. Anyhow, there are no "terms" provided yet with Green's deal. But all in all, its not a bad one, unless it involves a NMC.
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    And here I thought that Lefty used the nuclear option...
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    They have already said they want to start Rasmussen on the wing to ease his defensive responsibilities similar to what they did with Larkin.
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    Rumors Thread

    Detroit Red Wings: all Swedish, no finish.
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    Agreed. A month ago I would've said the Blues would be a good spot for him, but when he released the teams that he would meet with - I felt the Sharks would be his best option...Playoff team, solid fanbase, and just enough privacy where you can live your life without people/reporters bothering you while you're out with friends/family.
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    Was it Korean spammers or Russian hackers? Same here.
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    I like and appreciate this. It was a lonely few days without all of you.
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    Rumors Thread

    What was that Sean Avery said...Sloppy seconds?
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    We need to sign Filppula so now we can have 2 centers who score like 10 goals each and do almost nothing else. Filppula’s last good season was like 11-12
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    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Zadina had a prettyyy shootout goal after scoring the dev camp scrimmage GWG (on an awesome feed from Ras). Ras, Zadina, Veleno, and Smith all looked great.. most of the goalies, not so great 7-6 OT final.
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    Video: Holland gets Zadina, Zadina gets the Red Wings
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    Rumors Thread

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    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    New to this board, largely because I fell in love with Veleno's game the first scrimmage I watched him in Saint John. Not a season ticket holder, but I've seen him play many times. My first impression his first scrimmage when he was 15 was a tall, lanky floater. He looked first for someone to pass to. Then he out-fought a bigger, older, experienced player in a corner; then he stole a few more pucks along the boards; then he drifted over center, saw an opening and shot like a rocket around everyone to get a scoring chance with a great shot, with his head up. NHL speed at 15. NHL skills at 15. Two seasons ago I watched him out-skate and outwork Nico Hirchiser in the playoffs. My son and I agreed he was the better that game. The only other Q player who has ever excited me so thoroughly is MacKinnon. (I missed Crosby) I rarely once saw him play first line or first line minutes until this season. His coaches groomed him for an all around game, taught him defense, and I think that approach was best for him. He can skate and score but he looks for teammates first. Plays a team game. Others, IMHO, had trouble playing with him - didn't know how to get open. Also keep in mind he was captain in Saint John, for the 2017 Hlinka team, and his NHL Top Prospects team; because he is a leader. I'm biased, but in my opinion he's NHL ready and has HOF stamped on his forehead.