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    i will hold out hope ...in a cigar bar in Nashville and getting a wee bit harassed by some Preds fans in a fun way. Once I asked last time they won a cup they bought me a beer and went away.....lol
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    What a save by Bernie. What the hell is the defense doing? That was nearly 3 breaks in a 2 minute span.
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    Kronwall must have the NHL record for most pucks deflected into one's own net. Kind of like the last few seasons?
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    I Love Larkin

    I've been one of them people that has though of Larkin to be at best a really good number 2 Center. His play has been changing my mind and I am happy to be proven wrong about it.
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    I stand by my prediction, Wings score the next 6 and win.
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    Oh I'm sure they don't but I'm sure it's in the back of their minds. I hate NBCSN
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    They should be fresh to start the game. Fatigue plays into effect more the later the game goes.
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    Hopefully we can reverse what's been happening far too often to us lately
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    Well, we LOOK like a team that played last night. The teams we play against that also played the previous night don't typically look like this.
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    they can come back... just need to start right now.
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    Can' t believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather have Helm back in the top line over Abby
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    Is it wrong for me to wanting to see lil'Bert take a run at Ovie, or Oshie, or...Screw it - I want him to become our version of Marchand...
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    Could use a win today, been one them kind of days at work.
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    Mark Stone

    To DET: Mark Stone + Bobby Ryan To OTT: The rare 2-for-0 swap.
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    Still want to see Abby and Bert swapped on those lines. With that said, the way it sits, we actually have 3 lines that are capable of scoring somewhat consistently, I don't know how much success that 3rd line has with Abby there instead. Big game, not liking our chances but i'll be here to watch tonight (finally) and root our boys on. Going bold here and gonna say 6-4 Wings final. AA finds the net again, Larkin with a pair, Frk, Cholo, Jensen with the rest. LGW!!
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    The 91 of Ryans

    I Love Larkin

    I think average ice time is a safe thing to project. So he'll be in Yzerman-Zetterberg company there. (barring that broken leg I'm wishing on him to improve our draft odds ) He won't make it to thirty goals. The only nail biter will be if he can get to the 75 + point mark and I think he has a real shot at this.
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    So I'm clueless because isn't this Ron Wilson's speech and how does it have to do with the Caps?
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    How can we be buyers? We don't have cap space room and can only offer young prospects in exchange for established players. That would be a mistake. I'm not one of these posters who'd rather see them tank and get a high pick. I want them to try to win every game with this roster. However, I wouldn't trade any of the best prospects in order to pursue a playoff push that likely ends in a first round loss. Ride it out with the current prospects and try to dump players that are older and eating up too much cap space (Abdelkader, Nyquist, Ericsson, Nielsen, etc).
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    Jonas Mahonas

    2019 Draft

    1) Howard to the Blues for Allen, 2019 3rd, and 2021 1st. 2) Nyquist to Nashville for 2019 1st. 3) Green to Toronto for 2019 1st. 4) Dekeyser and Abdelkader to Ottawa for Mark Stone. 5) Nielsen and Helm to Buffalo for 2020 2nd and 2021 2nd. 6) Karlsson signed in UFA Zadina (1) - Larkin (6) - Stone (9) Athanasiou (3) - Cozens (1) - Mantha (4) Bertuzzi (2) - Rasmussen (1) - Frk (1) Svechnikov (1) - Veleno (1) - Glendening (2) De La Rose (1)/Smith (1) Karlsson (11) - Cholowski (1) Hronek (1) - Sulak (1) Saarijarvi (1) - McIsaac (1) Witkowski (1) Allen (4) Bernier (3) About 60 mil of cap.
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    Nylander is Nylander and is doing the same thing his father did. Holding out for top dollar. Pastarnak is Pastarnak, and when asked about his contract he said he'd be happy accepting a couple hundred thousand dollars playing in Europe. He's just happy to play hockey and that's what's most important to him. Ying and Yang