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    2018 Prospects Watch

    Great news!
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    Yeah, great news indeed! Don't forget he missed two games last week because he was dealing with a "nagging lower body injury" - many mistakenly assumed he was headed to the World Jrs early or something. Anyway, this could have simply been a re-aggravation of that injury.
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    2018 Prospects Watch

    quick fun bit of info about draft picks. Obviously we all know Fedorov was drafted 4th round 1989, most of us know we tried to draft Bure in the next round, but paperwork scabuffle screwed that up. Imagine if you would, in 1988, instead of drafting Sheldon Kennedy near the end of the 4th round, we pick Alex Mogilny instead (who went shortly thereafter to Buffalo) and still drafted Feds and was able to draft Bure! That was the famed Red Army line in Russia that rivaled only the KLM line. We would've had the best line in the world, let alone in the NHL! Ok, now back to 2018.