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    0% chance Kronwall plays in Grand Rapids. 0.05% chance Hronek plays in Grand Rapids. Kronwall will either be in Detroit or retire. Hronek has played his last game in the AHL...
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    we ARE NOT parting with AA If Yzerman wanted to deal AA, we'd have a #1 D right now. Not unless he had ZERO interest in Trouba, because AA and a pick (our 2nd) would've more than had Winnipeg drooling.
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    capfriendly says yes https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/redwings/reserve-list
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    Nicknames for the Noobs

    There is only one Kaiser:
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    So we are actually lazy and do suck?
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    Jimmy Devellano

    I'll just use the words Richard Cranium next time.