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    Here's our season thus far...Oh it's the 1st intermission...Time for a drink of water...What lies ahead for the 2nd, and 3rd periods?
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    Next win?

    When do you think we will win again? I’m gonna say one of the back to back Winnipeg games December 10-12 otherwise I’m afraid it might be next year. I thought we would be in most games this year just like last year but injuries and poor years from some of the vets could make this a historic season
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    Is this to replace Pickard at the AHL level?
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    Why? Isn't it fun to play behind the worst defense in hockey while also knowing that you won't get any goal support?
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    I was actually talking about pooping but ok
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    Coffee with Coach Carly
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    spoken like a true gambling addict
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    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    You ran it 20 times and you didn't get a single 1st overall?!?! I'm not sure that's even possible. I mean, you're bound to get a lot of 4th overalls, because that's just how the odds work. But no 1sts in 20 tries is "glitch in The Matrix" territory. The good news for us (maybe) is this is looking like it's gonna be a pretty deep draft (maybe). Lafreniere and Byfield are the guys who will probably be ready to make an immediate impact, but there's going to be other really good players. I do think you're kinda right tho -- we need to pull something wonderful out of this draft or s*** could get very, very, very disappointing ugly. I'm hoping for Lafreniere/Byfield and a couple of big UFA signings. And a coaching change. And Seider. If we get all those things, we might have a shot at the 2021 playoffs.
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    I really truly believe that Blash is to the point of throwing s**t against the wall to see what sticks. I really do. He's desperate. He doesn't have any ideas left and the team knows it. That's what I'm seeing. You can't keep a coach around at that point. At this point, I would rather they just make Carley Johnston the Head Coach. You don't even have to film the game. Just keep the camera aimed at the bench the whole time. People would rather watch that. Let it rain likes.
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    I'm a big Biega fan. He's not slow, he works hard, and has some sandpaper. It's amazing that that's all you need as a Dman to impress me these days, but it is what it is. How I'd honestly rank the D: 1. Hronek 2. Dekeyser 3. Nemeth 4. Green 5. Biega 6. McIlrath 7. Daley 8. Cholowski 9. Bowey 10. Ericsson 11. Hicketts Hronek is as always the only thing to write home about. DK and Nemeth can at least keep their heads above water against the competitions better lines. Green is quickly losing all trade value. Biega and McIIrath DO THEIR JOBS. They don't have a lot to contribute but they get in and out without totally humiliating themselves. Daley is Daley, old and broken but serviceable if heallthy. Cholowski and Bowey suck. Both should be in the AHL. Ericsson is a pylon. Hicketts is not skilled enough to be an NHL small-man. EDIT: Yes I honestly believe we obtained our 5th best dman for one David Pope. It's sickening how bad this team is. Dekeyser - Hronek Nemeth - Green Biega - McIlrath Daley
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    Curious to see if we break the club losing streak record of 14 games - only 6 to go!
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    Welcome to the family Pickard, you will fit right in.
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    it just proves that..... no howard, bernier or pickard are to blame for this s***ty season
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    Tag is good too! We need to collect them all
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    I was a big fan of Bert's and love Tyler, as well.. Glad the both are/were Wings...
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    Can’t wait until will lose this game and then Blashill with his usual post game comments “we were good in the o zone” “we have to be unbelievably crafty” Why is Blashill still here???
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    Are those nostrils, or female boobies?
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    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    Tankathon is up to date with this seasons data... Ran the sim 20 times... highest finish 2nd, most common finish 4th, in almost every run 1 or 2 low odds teams make a huge jump and snag a top 2 pick. If that's the way it plays out, after this abysmal season I'm not sure I could continue to watch the next few seasons. I'm not a bandwagon fan but another 2-3 years go by without significant improvement the likes of Larkin, Bert, Mantha our older core players will likely want to move on. This next draft is critical... we need a top 3 pick or this is gonna get even uglier.