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    Zadina really still out there with Helm and Nielsen, huh? I hate to keep being negative, but it makes no sense having him on the 3rd line with those two. There's no reason for it. Give him a chance. FREE ZADINA! Nice crush by McIlrath, I love that Drink whenever McIlrath hits someone
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    If the Wings get to 20 SOG tonight, I get choco. Try and stop me...
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    PeePee I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY BUT HEAR US OUT OK Holy s*** our f***ing power play makes me want to die.
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    Fabbri is certainly worth De La Rose, Regula and a 4th. Keep the trades coming Stevie!
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    I got a big ass glass of milk in front of me right now, and I can feel my bones bursting out of my skin from all the calcium already f*** yes
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    Zadina has a point tonight. It was an assist on Fabbri's goal. Larkin had the primary assist. It's almost like -- hear me out here -- Fabbri-Larkin-Zadina might be worth trying out.
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    we have leftover PP in the 2nd... speaking of leftovers, I think I will go make dinner. Nice 1st, for a change. Don't mess up the 2nd... please.
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    Fabbri is carrying this offense on his back
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    Fabbri being as good as he's been more than makes up for Erne and Perlini doing absolutely nothing. IMO. Zadina gets credited with an assist on the Fabbri goal.
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    Fabbri continues to do what Hirose did at the end of last season.
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    So... if the Wings last three minutes without getting scored on, can we go get curly fries?
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    Oh I like the trade. I don't see Saarijarvi ever becoming anything. Sounds like Comrie will be our 2/3 goalie. Howard and Bernier are both becoming expendable quickly. I'm ready to go full Pickard/Comrie is we have to.
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    End of 1st. Wings...[double take]...lead 1-0.
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    I raked up five bags of leaves. Can I have choco?
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    Red Wing Koolaid, here... vintage flavor
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    This is the perfect night for Ovie to inch closer to Gretzky's record. Also, stfu about football week in michigan.
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    > comparing Cannada to USA in WW2 Are you trying to give me an easy win? Americans who pretend to be Canadians in europe are called 'Democrats'. They're a disgusting sub section of the population that no one actually likes. Please call them out. Real Americans like myself travel to Europe all the time and don;t embarrass ourselves this way.