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    Do or do not. There is no afford. If it's between [really good but not gamechanging C] and [really good but not gamechanging W] and [really good but not gamechanging D] and [best goalie prospect since Carey Price], there's an argument to be made for the goalie.
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    Did you get banned or forget ur pword?
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    TFW LGW is back up.
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    Just got done cutting my own hair for the first time. Didn't turn out half bad. Got myself a quality clipper on Amazon for like $20 bucks and came with every guard size imaginable. Took me about 15 minutes to properly clean up. Left her a lil longer on top. So ask yourself, why are you still a slave to the barber/salon industry? Making an appointment, getting in your car to drive down there, forking over 20-50 bucks for a visit every month... Meanwhile self haircut master race bros like me have thrown off our shackles and will never piss away another dime on the sham haircut money funnel industry again. Oh yeah and go wings
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    On a more serious note...Stutzle seems to have quite a few more assists than goals...Might he be a Mitch Marner type?
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    Shows hes not afraid to draft a russian goalie in the 1st though and if hes suppose to be as good as carey price(although im not a huge fan of his personally ) or just a top stud goalie and cant lose pick then id say he gets picked top 10 for sure , also depends how he goes rest of the season , if russia wins the world juniors and he gets the championship in russia as well for example it will only benefit him even more stevie may not be ok with it but he might have no choice , do think AA has a shot but he’d have to produce more #’s, so id personally be pushing blash to put him on the top line now . And im probably niave but id like to think after pageau teams might look at glendening as a solid 3rd line addition guy and maybe he can land us a 2nd with salary retention anyways all that being said im just anxious to get rid daley and some of the deadweight on this team , heck id even throw bowey at this point for a 4/5th pick at this point to some team looking for playoff depth and call up hicketts rest of the way . Time to take out some trash
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    Yzerman took Vasilevskiy 19th overall tho. So, if anything, that probably works against the idea that Yzerman would take Askarov in the top 5. Would be real nice to get Askarov in the 12-20 range with a second 1st. I've gotta think Yzerman is not ok with going through this godawful season and only getting one 1st out of it. Our best shot at getting that pick may be to package AA and Glendening.
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    Id still take one of the high end forwards if we win the lottery without a question, if we fall to 4th id maybe consider it if hes our guy and we can drop to 5/6 and add another 2nd or something , maybe we move AA for a first and can make a move to get in the top 10 to land him somehow i dont know, or move AA for a top forward prospect or dman i think without question though we take a forward with a lottery pick win Id say either way the odds are high we’ll take a forward regardless where we fall but since stevie took vasilevsky you never know
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    I just think a really good, game changing player will be available at number 4. I think there's more risk involved in taking a goaltender top 5, than there is taking a skater. If Yzerman does take Askarov with that 1st pick, I'll trust him. I'd just hope it doesn't come back to bite us, because goalies are still a bit of a crap shoot, even the elite of elite at the age of 17...
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    I dont even want to think of getting the 4th pick , in my mind its byfield/lafraniere but if we happened to fall to 4th and whether we take him at 4 or trade back a spot or 2 i would consider drafting askarov and im sure after stevie pulled the seider move last year he’d have no problem taking him im still gunning for a top 2 pick but seeing as larsson and the other goalies are still a question mark the thought of having a goalie like askarov(if he turns out to be as good as advertised) + seider + hronek on the back end should be golden for the next dozen years really wish we were in the sens shoes this season and had that extra 1st this year than might turn out to be 2 top 10 picks, either way it should be a good draft for us
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    What if lets say we wind up with the 3rd, or 4th overall pick...The Sens have 2 potential top 10 picks (if the season ended today)...Would anyone here swap our 3rd overall for the Sens two 1st round? I doubt the Sens would want to trade both, but who knows?
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    Forgive my ignorance since I don't follow draft prospects, but outside of Lafreniere, and Byfield are the others in the top 5 forward/Dmen looked upon as bonafide stars, and/or elite talent? From what little I've read - Askarov has that potential to be an elite netminder at the NHL level. So with that in mind I ask myself...Do we, or would Yzerman want at the #3, #4, or #5 (if we wind up 29th, or 30th, and drop as usual 2, or 3 spots back) spot a guy capable of 70 pts, - maybe a few more/less, or a guy who could be our version of Carey Price, or possibly better? As the lotto Gods usually do - I expect us not picking top 2...3 if we're lucky, and most likely we'll drop back to 4, and God forbid we go on a similar winning streak like last spring that sees us move in the standing. Outside of the top 2 guys - I don't know enough about the rest outside of Askarov, and if he's gonna develop into an elite netminder - why not take him?
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    Scott R Lucidi

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Sweet. Looking forward to seeing the guy dominate.
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    You damn Zadina nuts maybe getting your prayers answered tmrw
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    For anyone not already in the discord, here is the invite: https://discord.gg/hQJDfW I recommend joining ASAP, as discord invites expire after about a day or two. All you have to do is enter your email and you'll be in. It's basically just a chatroom, but like Dabs said, it's a place we can all go to say WTF when LGW is down. EDIT: if you're reading this in the future, PM me and I'll send you a new discord invite.
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    I ain't even gonna ask. If Matt hasn't said anything by now, he's not going to say anything. That's his right, I guess. Whatevz. Having a Discord is good. It's not a long-term replacement for this place, but it gives us a non-HF place to congregate and scheme. So I'ma cherish this place until it finally goes under. Could be tomorrow. Could be two years from now. Could be never.
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    Guys, i'm not sure how much more clear we can be on this. No politics on this board, ever. No American, Canadian, or International politics. This is the final warning on this, I will start handing out moderations in the future for any more violations. I'm confident the people who are discussing politics on here, that have been around here for a while, are very aware that it's against the rules here. Stop doing it, stop posting about it, keep it related to the NHL and hockey. Politics have no place on LGW, anywhere on this forum. There's thousands of other places on the internet to discuss politics on.
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    He was closer to elite when the Caps won it all, but I'm fine calling him above average either way And goalies are essentially your only Dman that plays every single shift. From an economic/efficiency lens it makes good sense to invest in that position and build from the net out. Acquiring an Andersen or Jones via trade is essentially gonna cost us 1st rounder and more anyway. If you're possibly getting a generational goalie talent I'm absolutely fine spending one pick on that, even if it's a high first. The alternative being getting an average or above average goalie via trade for a late first and possibly more... Most of my draft prospects views boil down to this. If Yzerman is cool with it, so am I. If Askarov is BPA, like Seider was, then f*** the conventional wisdom and take the darn kid..
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    Oh I like the trade. I don't see Saarijarvi ever becoming anything. Sounds like Comrie will be our 2/3 goalie. Howard and Bernier are both becoming expendable quickly. I'm ready to go full Pickard/Comrie is we have to.
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    Maybe this is for Howard’s ego. He has a career 4.21 GAA average. Now Howard doesn’t have the worst GAA on the team. And please don’t let this be our December trade.
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    Another major issue is how much that that line changes from person to person