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    Tony DeAngelo

    He was a 1st round pick... it's not like Yzerman threw him a bone and drafted him with a 7th. The kid is obviously incredibly skilled. Tied for 4th in scoring among Dmen last year. These kind of players don't just grow on trees. The crimes against him seem to be as follows: >suspended for using slurs in juniors (we don't know what those slurs are) >slammed a door on an official in Arizona >rode his goalie in NYR for blowing a game, the goalie proceeded to punch him and put him a headlock Everything else is speculation or hearsay I'm not seeing how this kid is sucha public enemy that you wouldn't give him a chance on our backend. Everyone does and says some dumb things when they are young men. His crimes are mild compared to some. Probert was a party animal coke fiend on this team. Bertuzzi nearly killed a guy before coming to us. Datsyuk was a proud homophobe.... But now just being outspoken and a republican is enough to get you canceled in this league? Pretty dumb if you ask me. I'd take a chance on this kid all day. What do we have to lose? Him cussing out Blashill on the bench? I might stand and applaud if he did that to be quite honest... we can't sink any further guys...
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    Tony DeAngelo

    I think he'd be a great addition...Great locker room presence.
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    Smith definitely overtaing Svech on the ol protection list
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    Howard Officially Retires

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