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    I can't say enough about how Kasper appears to be Seider 2.0 Going into the draft Seider had: limited ice time was focused on defense was big and mature physically Wings felt his offensive skills went massively overlooked Going into this draft Kasper was: limited in ice time focused on defense big and mature physically Wings felt his offensive skills went massively overlooked Seider was our Pronger. Kasper is our Kopitar.
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    2022 Draft / UFA

    Chiarot - Class: Heavy/Tank Best stats: Strength, endurance, hit points Worst stats: Intelligence, agility, charisma Special move: *teleports behind you* "Heh... nothing personal kid" *slams your face into the boards* Copp - Class: Jock Best stats: All-around decent at everything Worst stats: No weaknesses Special move: Will sleep with your mom (and your dad) Perron - Class: Veteran Warrior Best Stats: Leadership, firepower, talking down to anglophones Worst Stats: Defense, penalties, debilitating penchant for baguettes and red wine Special move: Starting s*** and then retreating Maata - Class: Suomi-Rear-Guard Best stats: Positioning, poke-check, causes confusion Worst stats: Mobility, offense, causes confusion Special move: Confuses others with his classic Finnish defense Kubalik - Czech Best stats: Offense, consuming charcoal filtered alcohol, stealing cars in Germany Worst stats: Defense, malnourished, infighting with other slavs Special move: *Takes a swig of vodka and spits in your eyes*
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    Minus the inflated ego...
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    I'm hoping Hank
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    Rumors Thread

    The reason we don't make the playoffs is cause the Atlantic is the literal Thunderdome right now. >Leafs will be good again >Bolts will be good again >Bruins will be good again >Florida just got better >Ottawa got better >Detroit got better >Sabres will suck >Habs will suck I don't see us out playing any of those top 4 teams even with our additions. My guess is we finish with between 80-100 pts in 5th place, missing the playoffs. Basically in the same realm as the Islanders, Canucks, Knights, and Jets of last season. Major injuries to other teams and puck luck could bounce us into the playoffs, but I wouldn't bet on it. It'll be a stepping stone year for us. We ascend to the rank of a bubble team. Get a decent draft pick. Then next year we shed the following: Suter $3.25 Sundqvist $2.75 Erne $2.1 Smith $750K Maata $2.25 Oesterle $1.35 Pysyk $850K Nielsen $500K Panik $1.375 Total shed: $15.175 And none of those players are important... So we'll have roughly $9-12 million to spend next offseason with this roster: Bertuzzi - Larkin - Raymond Vrana - Copp - Perron Kubalik - Rasmusssen - Zadina _____ - Veleno - ______ Chiarot - Seider Walman - Hronek ______ - Lindstrom Husso Nedeljkovic We can then fill those holes with Edvinsson, Berggren, Kasper, Soderblom, Johansson, or go out and spend if we like. Regardless, I think 2023/24 is when the Wings really start to make an impact and show up on the leagues radar. By 2024/25 the Perrons and Kubaliks of this world will be gone and we will be a full on young gun playoff team that looks something like this: Bertuzzi - Larkin - Raymond Soderblom - Copp - Berggren Rasmusssen - Veleno - Hanas James - Kasper - Mazur Chiarot - Seider Edvinsson - Hronek Johanssson - Lindstrom Cossa Husso