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  1. I know there's a remote chance, but does anybody know if this game will be replayed on tv?? For some reason I thought it started at 3 and I missed the whole f'ing game! haha
  2. They play "Warm It Up Kris" by Kris Kross when Draper scores, but that's, ya know...a rarity, so it's not played that often haha.
  3. Random question - do you know if they sell size small jerseys at Fanatic U? I can't find smalls anywhere for a decent price and I was just gonna order it from, but I definitely don't want a stupid nameplate.
  4. 1. I love Johan Franzen. 2. What the HELL is with the officiating in this game!? Absolutely awful. 3. Is there seriously ******* TOYOTA seat covers on the emptry seats behind the WINGS bench!? f*** THAT!
  5. True that!
  6. Thank God for Hossa.
  7. Thank God! hopefully that will generate something!
  8. Can we please have Zetterber-Datsyuk-Hossa!? Please!? Even if it's just one shift, it would make me oh so happy.
  9. I'm in GR for school, so about half the year I'm here and then I go back home to the D, but if I'm in GR at the time I'd totally be down for a lil LGW get together!
  10. You get tickets to 3 games, not just 1. I'm thinking I might do this for Christmas presents, but I haven't decided...
  11. Mannn that was awesome haha.
  12. um, I miss Holmstrom.
  13. Ohh jeez... He's no Lidstrom and, sure, he makes his share of mistakes, but I think he's a great #2 guy and he compliments Lids really well. Who would you rather have paired with Lidstrom then???
  14. Could Babs look any more like a gorilla in those pics!? hahaha