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  1. Motown

  2. its been over 2 years since ive posted on here.
  3. Update: Brad May is expected to be put on waivers by Detroit. Another player will likel be put on long term disability to make room on the roster for Lilja. UPDATE
  4. front page goof-up

    im slow but whats wrong with the picture? sorry im slow
  5. Stanley Cup Parade?

    never mind im slow and i didnt see question was already posted
  6. Survival Hockey---Week 2

    Saturday, October 18th Detroit over NY Rangers
  7. Survival Hockey---Week 1

    Detroit defeats Ottawa on saturday
  8. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    Me and my Girlfriend Sharyn...we waited more than an hour...and we were in the first 30 people in line! *sorry but Pictures really blury*
  9. Lord Stanley's Summer Tour 2008

    I just went and seen the Stanley Cup at the Capitial Building! it was Amazing to finaly touch the Cup!! ! Ill up load pictures as soon as i can!
  10. Stanley Cup Parade?

    beeing up 3-1 im gona get a head of my self and ask when will they have a stanley cup parade? cuz i would love to take off work to go and make a day of it!
  11. nothing great or anything...but figured id throw my 2 cents in!
  12. Im going to the Detroit RedWings Alumni game on friday at Munn and ive never been to an Alumni game and i was wondering if they would be haveing an autograph thingy before or after the game? have any of u guy/girls been to one? if so are they cool? Thanks for anyhelp! GO WINGS!i
  13. Weekend Picks

    kinda late but o well.......... Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto NY Rangers @ Ottawa Buffalo @ NY Islanders Carolina @ Washington New Jersey @ Florida Anaheim @ Pittsburgh Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Philadelphia @ Edmonton Dallas @ Nashville Columbus @ Minnesota Detroit @ Chicago Boston @ Phoenix Vancouver @ Calgary St.Louis @ Los Angeles Sunday: San Jose @ Colorado
  14. Holy Crap.......Preseason hockey is HERE!

    LA 4 / Ducks 3! 9mins left in the 2nd Real time Scores