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  1. WingsWingsWings


  2. WingsWingsWings

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 3

    Three hours away! Nerves are getting stronger!
  3. WingsWingsWings

    Happy Birthday J Howard

    wow........ wow........
  4. WingsWingsWings

    Jimmy Howard injury

    I'm with you here!! I was surprised not to see Gary listed as an assist on the Goal. I'm upset about Jimmy's injury, but I have complete faith in JoeyMac, even without his NHL testing some people are calling for. You know why? because I'm not one of those doom-and-gloomers that are so prevalent in the Red Wings fan base! Win or lose I am a Red Wings fan - If their life just became a little harder in the playoffs, so what? THEY ARE THE RED WINGS! I hope Jimmy is ok, and that he is able to return to the team. People bitching about the Red Wings not being contenders in the playoffs now are just as bad as Gary Bettman in my book. He took this league to a place where you have a superstar on a team and everyone else plays around them. Detroit s full of superstars and they play together. One player does not decide the fate of the team - the team does. So, look at what you're doing when you start bitching, because you're acting alot like Gary Bettman, and that is NOT a good idea.
  5. WingsWingsWings

    Datsyuk Taken off IR, Emmerton and Mursak sent back to GR

    and refused to show up to the Islanders. I mean who would?
  6. WingsWingsWings

    "The Red Wing"

    Love the reference to the glow-puck....... hated that thing.... --------------------------------- ...but I like the Guardian Project. It is different. I find it neat!
  7. WingsWingsWings

    12/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Kings 3 (OT)

    Time for bed. Wings will bounce back for Monday night. rest and focus on the Sharks!
  8. WingsWingsWings

    12/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Kings 3 (OT)

    Why the he'll is everyone ripping so hard on Osgood? He played a solid game for his first start back, and the Wings got 5 of 6 points on the trip.
  9. WingsWingsWings

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Coyotes 0 at Red Wings 3

    I told my wife the Wings would win this one for sure the minute that octo hit the ice in front of Bryz before the game began.
  10. WingsWingsWings

    Wings need a change of jersey

    I agree. If it had been set up as a post saying that the jerseys HAD been changed it would have been much better. When I read this, I figured out it was a joke. Good try though.
  11. WingsWingsWings

    NHL Martketing Opportunity

    #1 way to market better to Americans? Get rid of this guy:
  12. WingsWingsWings


    Crosby probably doesn't understand why the puck didn't just stop directly on his stick. If you listen close you might be able to hear him say "Stop puck! Sidney Crosby commands it!" I mean, Gary Bettman told him it would work...
  13. WingsWingsWings

    Picture Wars

    This will get you higher!
  14. WingsWingsWings

    Picture Wars

    Franzen could definitely beat Satan and Saddam.
  15. WingsWingsWings

    This or That

    no idea what those mean!! lol. Guitar Hero or Rock Band?