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  1. k3sparks

  2. What if the NHL or USA hockey was able to pull off a weekend tournament ever 2 or 3 years. Set it up like the GLI. Michigan vs. Minny always starts off as well as New York vs. Massachusetts. Winners and losers play the next day. Rotate location between the four different states. Just can't think of a catchy name...
  3. Why I don't want to play LA in the first round

    once saw the greatest t-shirt ever printed "Jesus saves! Moses gets the rebound, he shoots he scores!!!!" wish i had bought that
  4. 3/23 GDT: Canucks 2 at Red Wings 1

    Ryan Kesler and Darren Helm put on an amazing show of speed and grit, each bagging a goal. Detroit gets lucky during OT 3-2 Wings.
  5. Ken Daniels on VS?

    thought the same thing as soon as I turned it on. Is Murphy there too? haven't heard him yet, but I know he does the NHL Network on the fly. Kenny going national, congrats.
  6. Helm

    loved the game he had last night against the pens. After the Wings got back into it, every time helm touched the puck and took more than a stride the crowd starting cheering, expecting him to fly with the puck. great excitement, even through the TV. No points on the night for him, but I thought he imposed himself on the game.
  7. The Wings flipped the "switch"

    definitely an entertaining game. I thought that Helm deserved to be one of the 3 stars even though he didn’t get on the score sheet. I mean jesus, they gave the number one star to Neal and he was minus 1 with zero points during the real game. Helm imposed his will on the game and was everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I think the 3 stars are a cool idea, but if a defenseman breaks up odd-man rushes and makes 10-12 30 foot breakout passes tape to tape to clear the zone, why shouldn’t he a get a star as opposed to some winger w/ two assists. alright rant over.
  8. Duchene Vs. San Jose

    Duschene looks like a good skilled player, but he is only 18 so he has a long way to prove he is going to be a power in the NHL. I think the av's were just a little more pumped for it being sakic night too... anyone remember who we played and the score of Yzerman night?
  9. [GDT] 9/16: Flyers, 1 @ Red Wings, 3

    ok so i want to get the detroit radio feed from 1270, but you can only go to 971 the ticket's website for listen live, anyone have a link for the am station???
  10. 2250 POST FOR A GAME 6 WIN

    Datsyuk hat trick, Arby's for everyone and good job HOSS
  11. WCSF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Ducks 3

    Hossa, Flip, and Mule are doing amazing together, so much confidence and courage on the puck. They are making a pass back instead of shooting, making defense men close in. keep it up
  12. No Suspension for Brown

    Should not of even been a penalty. I hate to say it, Huds should learn to keep his head up, any player would relish catching a guy like that and he did not go for the head, plus the only reason huds was bloody was because of his visor cut him. Huge Wings fan but I'll admit when one of our players was just not paying attention and was laid out.
  13. 4/28 Playoff GDT

    Made up for Feds, awesome for him to score the gwg in a game 7. Did anyone else see him drive to the inside about 5 minutes before his goal? Even the commentators said it looked like the Sergi of 95. Veteran leadership paid off bigtime for the Caps. Feds was consistent all game, making the easy pass and helping calm down the rest of the team. Hope he keeps it up in the next round. Note: Green looked horrible tonight. He was knocked off the puck, missed hits, and coughed up the puck. Plus, what a dumb ******* haircut... the wide mohawk?
  14. Posted this on the Sharks forum

    prolonged erection?... classic
  15. Anaheim Preview

    wings are way to deep, ducks only have one line and a hot rookie goalie. Wings took care of Mason in the first, Hiller will go down in the second. Zetterberg, Cleary and Mule take care of the only line for Anaheim (Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan) and Dats comes up huge setting up Hos. Wings in 5.