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  1. Wow this is great! I always look forward to your wallpapers. Thanks so much for doing them.
  2. Ship.
  3. In my opinion the worse case scenario for this month is a .500 record. I'm guessing our winning percentage will be roughly .600 for December, as opposed to the .727 we've been enjoying so far. Lets go Red Wings! edit: I don't believe in points percentage, no matter how practical it is lol. I used winning percentage in my post.
  4. Thanks soooo much for these. My mother is always emailing me at the end of each month asking for the new one! haha. Mule + Shanny is awesome btw.
  5. Oh i'm excited for tomorrow, going to the WMU State game at 7:30, then i'll watch the second half of the Wings game after that! Lets go Red Wings and Broncos!
  6. You always out-do yourself. These are spectacular! The past/present thing is an incredible idea. Thanks so much for doing these!
  7. LETS GO RED WINGS! It has been a while and i'm ready to watch the Wings win the West!
  8. Or, to be more precise, how it isn't done.
  9. God I can NOT wait for this season!!! Abbys deal is really nice for us.
  10. Hey now, Lilja is a solid defensive defensemen. He can kill penalties, block shots, and hit. He has much more value then Brett Lebda (in my eyes). I think he will be able to find work in the NHL. Idk who with though... lets not be so quick to throw him under the bus.
  11. Just to clarify Huet will NOT be with the Hawks. They had to downgrade the goalies even without Huets cap hit. Corey Crawford will back up Turco. (I'm pretty sure) [edit] it could be Toivonen as back up. I think we are now the legitimate favorites to win the Central.
  12. Zetterberg is the man! Congrats to the Zetters! What a good day for them. Lidstrom looks like a boss. (even in those freakin awsome suits hehehe)
  13. I'm thinking TB makes the playoffs next year. They have a very nice group of players over there.
  14. I honestly don't think there is a player (currently) in the league that can put together a highlight reel like Pasha. We're so lucky we got this ******.