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  1. It was a fun season and playoffs to watch full of ups and downs. in the end im proud to say im a Detroit fan Thanks for the awesome year
  2. i admit i was negative at first but i believe
  3. Wings for the big win!!! I say maybe a 4-2 win but it doesnt matter the score as long as we get the win lol GO WINGS!
  4. Lets Go Wings, last game of the year lets show em why we are the defending Stanley Cup Champions!!!
  5. Lets beat those damn ducks and send them packin
  6. lets beat those damn ducks at home and end this thing in 6
  7. LoL the leaf fans win 1 game and they are already planning their Stanley Cup Parade what abunch of goofs.
  8. Friday: NY Islanders @ New Jersey Chicago @ NY Rangers Florida @ Carolina Montreal @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Nashville @ St Louis Columbus @ Dallas Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto Detroit @ Ottawa St Louis @ NY Islanders NY Rangers @ Philadelphia Chicago @ Washington Atlanta @ Florida New Jersey @ Pittsburgh Carolina @ Tampa Bay Dallas @ Nashville Boston @ Minnesota Columbus @ Phoenix Los Angeles @ San Jose Vancouver @ Calgary Sunday: Phoenix @ Anaheim Colorado @ Edmonton San Jose @ Los Angeles
  10. Todd Bertuzzi is not on that list lol
  11. GDT

    Winning Game 5 would have made this one really awesome but winning in pittsburgh still counts as a cup win GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Red Wings on South Park I know its old but its still really funny, the dubbed voices kinda ruin the video but its the only 1 i could find.
  13. Well i have to leave for work so im off but i know Detroit is going to control for all of the 3rd period because they want to end it now as much as we do. 3-2 Wings maybe 4-2 with an empty netter.
  14. If your a real wings fan you will believe in them until the final buzzer. I have alot of faith in them and i know we are going to win today
  15. Its only halfway through the second we have plenty of time to tie it up and get the GWG.