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  1. LGW Fit Club

    Well, from my experience I can say this. When I was in college. I tipped the scales at 335Lbs... I am 6'1.. I worked out, but not the proper way. It was lift as much as possible. Needless to say not healthy. I was that big for a reason, but there is no reason good enough to be that unhealthy. I then went through some stuff and decided that one thing I can control is my weight.. I decided to really do things right. I didn't diet. I just ate better. I only eat chicken and fish. Along with salads with low to non fat dressing, veggies and rice.. I work out 7 days a week. 6 days with weights 7 days of cardio.. I do 40-60 minutes of cardio using an elliptical trainer... I am now a healthy 190lbs.. No diet, no surgery, just got smarter. But, the only thing that matters is that you will only lose weight if YOU want to. NOBODY or NOTHING can make you do it!! I wish you all well in your endeavor..
  2. Offical Red Wave Playoff Thread!

    Wow, I haven't been this excited in a long time!! Great to have playoff hockey back. I hope that Pavel earns that new paycheck!!! It will be nice to have some grit on our roster this year.. Spark Plug Calder is just what this team needs. I really hope Tuzzi can stay healthy and perform. We need him to step up!! Go Wings!!
  3. Welcome to LGW!

    Welcome to everybody. I am a former Detroiter and a lurker on this site. I am now on it.. I look forward to hockey talk with the flames fans. They are a great team. Nothing but respect for the flames and their fans. I hope the bring nothing but class and respect to this board as we will all do the same to them.. Welcome back playoffs!!
  4. Everyone: Check your signatures, please!

    Can somebody make me a sig of all afro's.. Maybe, Pavel with a fro.. That would look good..
  5. Greetings from Calgary

    At least we don't have Hatcher or Double blade Skate Boyd in our lineup anymore..
  6. Me eating my crow

    Dom has played fantastic. In reality though, I don't think he thought that he could rebound this way after last year. I mean, he knew he would be solid, but all around the job Babcock has done this year with everybody is simply amazing. Loosing the heart and soul of this team, many people, including experts felt that this year would be the demise of the wings. They may not be the toughest or grittiest team. But there is a lot of fight in this dog and adding Calder and Tuzzi only make them that much more dangerous..