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  1. Sabres vs. Sens

    NIce notes overall from LGW. Sabres are emotionally charged for this series, Connolly last season, Drury cheapshot this season. Ruff will kick Murrays a$$ anyday, anywhere. Heatley-Alfie-Spezza line (HAS line) as in, that is the only line that HAS scored for them. Emery is not a top tier goalie, Lundqvist is the best I've seen this post-season, DiPietro was second. Lundy & DiPee stole games by themselves. They were all saying NYI & NYR were the hottest teams of the second half. Sabres have looked flat a couple games so far, but Ottawa will be an all out blitz. Too much for Murray to handle, Ott forward are too soft on the backcheck, and they havent seen Zubrus or Connolly this season. Who's the heart and leader of the Otters? Tallinder will all over Heatley, just like he was on Yagr.
  2. Chris Drury...

    linky Some of you might enjoy this!
  3. Summer 2007 Wishlist?

    How bout Gerber? Not too many great goalies on the market. Dont think Bert is a wise signing at his price., but what do I know.
  4. Chris Drury...

    There are alot of options in Buffalo right now. As far as mid level salaries, we like Zubrus, Roy, Mair, Pominville, Hecht as role players. Big contract talks with Drury & Vanek need to happen, Briere is most likely odd man out. The defense is pretty locked up for awhile except for Teppo, dunno. Paetsch will replace him. Kotalik might be availiable for 2-3mil I think, he's not bad. Connolly and Max are still under contract. Next generation is Stafford, Paille, Paetsch, Kaleta, The Goose amongst others who've seen time this year. I dont think we pay for Briere's services after this season. Drury we lock up 5yr 30-40mil.
  5. Chris Drury...

    dont worry about it , anyone interested in Max?
  6. Chris Gratton?

    I'll accept the 10-minute thread misconduct and see you in the next round. I digress.
  7. Ryan Miller

    True that, stats are worse this year since the run and gun offense Lindy implemented this season. We were giving up over 40 shots per game for awhile there. The defensive focus has brought that back to the low 20's recently and that is a must for the playoffs. Look for a puck control team, no penalties & lots of outlet passes to the speedy forwards from the D. Miller's is great on his own, but the defense has to do their job.
  8. Chris Gratton?

    .......hockey is a great sport for a back surgery, do you need a bigger billboard? signed WEE whaler.
  9. Chris Gratton?

    As of today, are the wings planning on signing Bertuzzi for the future? I honestly dont know the status there, but I can imagine that there is a short list of teams requesting his services at that price. Overall, I am not a huge fan of rental players to begin with, but at least Tkachuk & Guerin are healthy.
  10. Welcome to LGW!

    It is probably rare that both #1's go all the way, I dunno..........but it would be a heavyweight bout! .........Bring it! :battle:
  11. Welcome to LGW!

    That what we are talking about now, the freakin leafs taking away our home ice advantage. Making sure we dont sell our playoff tix to them! We are not scared of Ott, maybe because they have to beat Pitt first, then maybe us. Defense is weak, and Murray is a jacka$$. Heatley is your only worry there. We would smoke'em.
  12. Welcome to LGW!

    Don Cherry was ballwashing Dallas last night, why? I am kinda concerned about Minnesota out of the west, because of coaching & defense. Sabres are running on all cylinders right now!!!!!!!
  13. Welcome to LGW!

    Well said! Thanks for having us, I can imagine it can abit hairy in here. It is a pleasure to be a part of it. :beerbuddy: Hopefully we will se each other in the finals!
  14. Chris Gratton?

    I am sorry I struck a cord, but if my team signed Bertuzzi for all that i would feel slighted.......its a gamble to be honest....Bert has been a gamble since Vancouver days with naslund's line, lets wait and see.........
  15. Official GDT: Montreal at Toronto

    You heard it here first, buh bye!