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  1. Wait. People are freaking out about a $1M depth signing with size and grit that at most will play 5/6 spot on the D? Really?!?! (You really think he's meant to replace Raffi?!lol!!) I don't like the guy much, but I fail to see how this is a terrible, terrible, end-of-the-world signing. He doesn't work out, he gets the ax. He does, we got a decent D-man on the cheap. Don't understand the reaction at all.
  2. I haven't seen any deals made that I would have been happy with anyway. Have you seen some of the money being tossed at people? Rediculous amounts in some cases, no way a lot of those players actually earn the amount of $$$$ they will be making. You can panic if you want, but it's not very constructive =)
  3. It's probably wrong for me to be enjoying this Pitt/Philly soap opera so much, but I can't help myself!
  4. This will entertain me for a long, long time! Funny watching the Penguins fans, funny watching the Flyers management, and funny as hell that they are paying and not us =) 3+ mil for a 39 year old player 3 years removed from the NHL. Looking forward to seeing the return on investment lol!
  5. If we were in need a winger, sure. If he hadn't been out of the NHL for the last several seasons, sure. If he was a cheap contract, sure. Nothing fits the bill, IMO. I wouldn't be upset if he were signed, but I certainly wouldn't pursue it.
  6. lgw

    Kocur without hesitation.
  7. This. Exactly This.
  8. This wouldn't make me stop watching Hockey, but it would gaurantee that I would never buy another NHL jersey again (unless they were available without the ads). Have you seen NASCAR merchandise?!?! It makes my eyes bleed, I'd hate to see that happen to hockey =(
  9. My wife LOVES the Wings. She has 3 more jerseys than I do. She has trained our kids to recognize that anyone not wearing the winged wheel are the "Bad Guys". She can tell you every player and their # without hesitation. Damn, I love that woman
  10. I'd be as excited about that as I was about Bertuzzi. Which is to say less than not excited.
  11. Why bother responding to this idiot guys? Oh well....guess you gotta have something to kill time.
  12. I think I'll wait to see who wins game 7 before I fall all over myself praising them. Still a game to be played, and the Pens don't have any hardware yet. That said, the Pens are a good young team. I just think you are more than a little premature.
  13. Also, as to the original topic...I've seen our guys with similar acting jobs. I wouldn't call out Crosby for doing something that 65% of the league does (embellishing/gamesmanship), including several of our guys.
  14. If that was a 'Hack in the Back' that you imply should have been a you call it rape when he gets a hard check into the glass? Try this instead: Fact, Maltby took a chop at the back of Sids legs like what happens on every other play in any game between any two teams (or to Homer 8 times in 20 seconds standing in front of any team's net). Sid took a flying leap (gamesmanship) to attempt to make it look worse than it was. THAT I could agree with.
  15. At the start, I thought that with Dats 100%, we win in 5. Dats at 50%, we win in 6. No Dats at all or 25% Dats, we win in 7. He makes a HUGE difference in how our team plays on both ends. Losing either him or Hank hurts the normal chemistry.