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  1. My post really wasn't about an "opinion", I was merely trying to make a point, one you obviously missed. The over-all theme of the point I was trying to make has to do with success, which the Wings have an abundance of, and your teams' lack there of (even when your expectations were high, probably even higher than now). Now let me help you understand it a little better through your homer vision, which is probably the only way you'll comprehend so please bare with me. Just for arguments sake, let's talk about baseball for a moment. Now I know the Tigers are not even in the same league, let alone division as the Cards', but could you imagine a Tigers' fan coming over to a Cardinal's forum BRAGGING about how the Tigers MIGHT win a division title? Even with a much improved Tigers team, considering all the success the Cards' have had it would be laughable, and for good reason! Yankee fans' have a reason to be cocky Cardinal fans' have a reason to be cocky Patriot fans' have a reason to be cocky Giants fans' have a reason to be cocky Laker fans' have a reason to be cocky Red Wings fans' have a reason to be cocky The Blues being 7 pts. ahead of the Wings, or even possibly being a top seed ARE NO REASON TO BE COCKY. Now considering for how long the Red Wings have been taking your asses to school, I can't believe Blues' fans haven't learned this lesson yet! If you say so ;p
  2. The Blues have had better teams than this in the past, and amounted to jack s***. Every one of you Blues' fans talkin' trash should probably wait until June, after St. Louis wins the last game on the year. Until that happens, nothing your team does will ever really impress any Wings' fans. Win the Division? A Presidents' Trophy? Great, hang a banner... How many are hanging at the Joe? Not a whole lot of Wings' fans even care about the ones that DETROIT has, are we supposed to care because the Blues might win one this year? Holy s***, and I thought Chicago fans' were cocky after 1 Stanley Cup. At least they got one!
  3. I gave up on the series after being down 3-0. I've been telling myself no way in hell they can win another game. Going into game 6 I really believe there is no way in hell they can win another. So far so good.
  4. He was just trying to save a buck, give em' a break would ya?
  5. This is unbelievable. They better get this s*** straightened out before the regular season starts or I'm done with them. They can take the cancellation fee's and shove em' up their ass. My credit sucks as it is, what the hell do I care if I don't pay?
  6. They're supposed to be talking to Holland on The Final Score here now that the Tigers game is over. Hopefully we will know for sure then....
  7. Edit: Skip to page 3, it won't let me link the 1 video exactly. Also, Please pardon the 15 second s***cago ChickenHawk advertisement.
  8. lulz, perfect.
  9. "Pee-Town, Baby!"
  10. That'd be it alright! Thanks, haha. I'm surprised I couldn't distinguish it during the game, musta been my nerves.
  11. ahh yes how could I forget about this song, heh. Didn't seem so distinct to my ears, maybe I just need a hearing aid but are you sure there wasn't any other singing in unison going on? Anyways, thanks for the fast replys, you f***ers are quick!
  12. In the 3rd period the crowd seemed to be singing a chant in unison, I couldn't quite make it out. Aside from "BULLs***" , "Let's go Redwings!" or "SOUTH DETROOOIT!" I don't ever really recall any other chants. Was pretty cool, can someone fill me in?
  13. Poor Cloutier
  14. Ahh you see, your definition of a "Blind Homer" is all wrong if that's what you think I am. A "Blind Homer" would be someone like my brother, who every single year says this is the Lions year. I don't cliam my team is something it ain't or act like it's capable of something it isn't. That my friend, is a blind homer. I'm just a die hard hometown fan. Detroit team's in general get hated on so hard across the whole nation, I'm supposed to take that and spread love back? So if it ain't Detroit, yea, f*** em.