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  1. GDT

    Whew! Glad they pulled that one outta their collective ass!
  2. GDT

    I would have thought Tatar, Dats or Nyquist would be leading in goals scored by now. Need to start firing on all cylinders or we're gonna get steamrolled.
  3. GDT

    I just canceled my cable to throw a birthday party at a riding stable for my 5 yr old daughter. Could anyone pm me a link to watch the game online anywhere? I've been stuck listening to games on the radio lately, it would be nice to actually see one for a change. I used to know a ton of links when I lived out in AZ years ago but since I've been back I've just watched them all on FSD. Thanks for any help! LETS GO RED WINGS!
  4. ps

    I can't believe there's no replay of the game tonight. Fsd is showing stanley cup playoff on the channel guide but it's just lame-@$$ baseball. Sucks I missed the game, but what a great score! Go Wings!
  5. GDT

    Damn, I spoke too soon! Dats!
  6. GDT

    That was hard to watch. Tough to imagine them winning a cup this year, offense is always so anemic.
  7. ps

    This is SO AWESOME! Win Lord Stanley's Cup AND the Jack Adams! Get 'Em Coach!
  8. Helm Yeah! Welcome back Pit-Bull! As for Mule, he's been a big disappointment. Someone at work said the beginning of his suckitude coincided with his first child being born. Anyone correlate that? I can understand being distracted with a new baby at home, but I would hope he would want to get his s*** together and actually earn his money and do right by Detroit for banking on him over Hossa (despite Hossa's crappy, injured performance in the playoffs that year). I mean, doesn't Johan have any pride for himself, his familiy or even (considering how stacked the Wings are with Swedes) his country? He has the chance to create a legacy, instead for whatever reason he is choosing to embarrass himself, his family, his friends and his countrymen. I hope he can search his heart and turn things around, he has a wrist shot that can knock the meat out of your sandwich and plenty of size to contribute every night. Come on Mule! Fight for another cup and a sweet legacy with an original 6 powerhouse!
  9. The "Helmpocalypse" has arrived! Lets hope all of his injuries to date are enough for his entire career, I hope to see this Pit-Bull pound it down the opposition's throats for a very long time to come with no further interruptions! Welcome Back Darren, you were sorely missed!
  10. GDT

    Welcome Back Helmerrrrrrr!!!!! I've missed seeing you tear it up buddy! And big props to Mrazek for his first NHL shutout! I would have liked to see a better power play, but I can live with the results against an, albeit, weakened and demoralized team in Edmonton. Keep tuning it up special teams!
  11. gdt

    Dammit, I shared the GDT picture at the top with a ton of FB friends before noticing that it said Bertuzzi was in the lineup. Then I noticed the other discrepencies and realized too late that it was a lame old image from another GDT. I had a sick feeling right then and there that things were not going to go our way tonight. Just a crappy way to start off the night, feeling stupid. Let's write this garbage night off and come back on Monday and stick the dagger in their heart! LET'S GO RED WINGS!
  12. OH YEAH! Keep it rollin Red Wings!
  14. injured

    Danny D is a stud, I'm bummed that he's gone for now but obviously happy to see that he had such a huge impact so fast. When we win the cup this year will he get his name on it or would he have needed more playoff games under his belt? ;-)
  15. Awesome FAIL trashville losers! lol, LOVE IT! Now radulov and his butt-buddy kostitsyn can stay out at "The Manhole" as late as they want!