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  1. Just... wow. Luongo was nervous, you could tell. He could have had basically every goal he let in, but when we got to OT it was a whole different ball game. The Canucks took a little nap in the 2nd OT (maybe the 3rd, I've lost track) and Luongo just shut the door and kept saying no. The guy made 72 saves, that's ridiculous... he's a machine. He wanted that win so bad. Quite a memorable way to win his first playoff game. Goodness.
  2. Huselius is a twit. I really want the Wings to show Calgary how it's done. I actually love how the Red Wings organization is already selling round 2 tickets, quite funny.
  3. As a Canucks fan, I just wanted to join you all in rooting against the Flames. From my experiences, Wings fans are very classy, respectable fans and I thought it'd be a good place for some good hockey discussions. So far, you all have been as great as I've expected so I'm glad I joined. I've been a member for barely a day but I've noticed a huge difference in the class and overall friendliness on this board than on boards of other teams... it's nice. Guess I found a good one!
  4. I don't really like him... the kid is good though. Like, really good. Phaneuf has a great career infront of him and I think he was a bit overlooked for the Calder last year, playing in the shadows of Crosby and Ovechkin. I just don't like him. He comes off a bit too cocky. But, he always seems to impress me, therefore I conclude that he's good. Like, really good.
  5. I've always been a bit of a Lombardi fan. He's a hard working player, and he does seem like a decent guy.
  6. I'm hoping for the Wings. I'm a Canucks fan so naturally I hate the Flames with a passion... let's see 'em doused! I'm also a Bert fan and I hope he turns it on for you guys in the playoffs this year.