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  1. Good road period. We weathered the storm. Now its time to pick it up a notch.
  2. We lost all games 4-3 so far, which means we will come back to win the series 4-3.
  3. Actually "physics expert" if the force applied is less than the force of gravity/force of friction than the object (person) will not move. Anyways, brutal collapse in the third. We need some OT magic. Helm scores on a breakaway. Edit: First post since 08 playoffs when we won the cup, I finally found this site again. Hopefully its a good sign.
  4. Good for Morency. Someone has to stand up for their skilled teammate when someone takes their head off. I'd have done the same thing if I was Morency. I still like Phaneuf though, that hit was huge.
  5. Getzlaf
  6. I've gotta go with Crosby. I regret to say if I were building a hockey team I'd pick Crosby over Datsyuk.
  7. 1. Alexander the Great
  8. PS

    I just cooked this up now
  9. GREEEEEEEEEEATTT Period boys I think one more goal on Kipper and hes done I really want Zetterberg to get a point GO WINGS Lets keep it up in the third
  10. Sweet second periods about to start Hopefully will continue with what we did in the first GO WINGS!!!!
  11. Lidstrom Though i think a lot of Wings could be MVP's on other teams I have to go with out captain, he led us throught the season and will hopefully lead us to another Stanley Cup Honorbale mention: Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Cleary..and the rest of the best team in the NHL