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  1. Detroit may have won the cup but i'll be damned if Pittsburgh hasn't won something comparable, their new arena looks like its going to be incredible The Joe is awesome but its time for a new place
  2. there are a number of cities in the NHL where a player would have a shot year in and year out to win the cup, but only a couple where people would actually realize you had done it
  3. heh
  4. welcome to atlanta?
  5. tbqh none of your federal taxes are actually going to china we haven't begun to pay back that debt as we're still borrowing
  6. theyve got the human rights abuse thing down pretty well *stirs da pot*
  7. what is real, ironically, is the money we owe them
  8. idgi, are you being serious or are you stoned you sound stoned
  9. Kopecky, Mueller, Marcel Hossa, Crosby, Lindros come to mind right away
  10. THN had an article almost a year ago detailing how much talent was in this front office and how the NHL should break it up to spread the talent around the league with Bowman leaving, and now this, it doesn't look like that will be necessary it will be a PR disaster to have Yzerman leave
  11. the bumper sticker was made in china
  12. um right my argument is that he can get more here
  13. honestly not sad to see him go, he really isn't thinking this through hes never had any success away from detroit, and furthermore this town/state loves the guy- the opportunities to for endorsements/commercials etc were always much greater here
  14. no mccarty was already saying 3 weeks after the win that he was looking around
  15. you cant make 100k per season in the nhl