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  1. Canadians apparently prefer the Ducks

    I can't speak for all Canadians, but the vast majority of people that I meet are cheering for the Sens, the rest don't care who wins. As for the people cheering for the Ducks, I suspect they are Leaf fans, and they aren't so much cheering the Ducks as they are cheering against the Sens. I don't always back Canadians teams either. Last year I was cheering for the Canes to win. It's not that I wanted them to win the cup, but I sure as hell didn't want Edmonton to win. During that time people would ask me, "why aren't you cheering for the Canadian team?" Because I knew if Edmonton would have won they would have thrown the fact that they won the cup in our face until we won one. I wouldn't be able to handle that, especially since the girl beside me at work is an Edmonton fan and has her Oilers s*** all over her desk for me to look at. In case you don't know the rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary is a big one that goes back a long time and isn't just limited to the hockey rinks. I also wouldn't be able to cheer for Toronto, bunch of asses. But for this series I am definitely cheering the Sens, it would be nice to have the cup back in Canada, as long as it is outside of Edmonton and Toronto that is. Go Sens!
  2. 2007 WCF Post-GAME 6: Ducks 4, Red Wings 3

    Good series guys. I am surprised this series didn't go to seven games. After game 4 I thought it would have been for sure a tighter series not a 4-2 win for the Ducks. But I guess those are the bounces. It must be tough on you Wings fans because some of those games you guys had out played the Ducks but still lost. There is nothing more frustrating than that. Well maybe the first two periods of last nights game and the Wings being asleep is more frustrating. I noticed there was a thread that was calling for a new goaltender. Can't say I agree with that. I would not blame Hasek for any of your loses, I thought he played excellent. I could see developing the back up to take over for Hasek in a couple years. I am not really sure what there is too improve on the Wings apart from some minor changes. But you guys have a good strong team with a good coach. As for the next round. I will be jumping on the Senators bandwagon and cheering for them. It would be nice to have the cup back in Canada and not in Anaheim. I think the Sens will take the series, they have been playing amazing hockey and walked all over the eastern conference favourite. But both teams are pretty fast and this series will be an exciting one to watch.
  3. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    I should also add a for those of you that have your head screwed on straight and aren't supporting Chelios's actions. Good too see. Shows that you have some sense. Being a fan doesn't mean you have to supporting the actions of your team 100% without a critical eye.
  4. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    CBC mentioned it during the game actually. Here is an article about it. Link I am sure some of you aren't going to like what Selanne said, but really I think he is pretty accurate.
  5. Chelios not shaking hands . . .

    I'll speak from an outsiders perspective here...outsider in that I am not a Ducks fan or a Wings fan and I really didn't have invested interest as to who won the series. First off I'll commend Chelios in his play through out the playoffs. I was impressed with him and his effort. He definitely played a lot better than his age showed. Heck, he even netted a couple goals. I was really surprised by his play. But his not shaking the other teams hands was disappointing and classless. I see a lot of you guys are giving him excuses, but nothing happened in that series that was extreme enough to warrant him not shaking the other teams hands because they played dirty. Chelios has been around long enough and has played through worse and dissed out his fair share of dirty play, so he doesn't get off the hook in that respect. I also a lot of you congratulating him which frankly speaks volumes of your home town bias. I don't wish to insult you, but it's really disappointing and stupid. Would have similar reactions if you beat the Ducks and Scott Neidemeyer skipped the hand shaking? I think not, and I am sure you would be up in arms as well. I understand that you need to defend you team as fans. That's fine, but you don't need to support it. You didn't see me in here clapping my hands when Mclennan battle axed one of your players. Now some Flames fans did, but they came across as homers and idiots in my eyes too. In my opinion Chelios's actions came off as a pouting child. Obviously he had some sort of reason for not doing it. I don't really buy the theory that he did it because of the Ducks play, but it might be part of it. I think that since he is teetering on the edge of retirement that this was his last chance to win a cup. Perhaps him seeing the end of the tunnel just threw him into a fit. Professional players need to put such piety things aside and show some respect. I don't care what his excuse for not shaking hands was, but it's not good enough. I didn't see anything in that series or even a combination of things that would allow him to do that. And I am not forgetting the Pronger hit. Playoffs are rough, he knows that, and he knows he shouldn't give him an excuse to be a classless player. Before you jump on me about the Pronger hit remark, whatever, he can shake the whole teams hands and skip over Prongers. But Thomas did?
  6. TSN: Pronger to Face Disciplinary Hearing

    I think Pronger should get a one game suspension. But I don't think he'll get it. The NHL doesn't like to be that pivotal with their suspensions in the playoffs. Prongers absence would be a huge loss for the Ducks, one that could potentially end the series for them. Despite the NHL saying that players are to be held accountable for their actions, I don't think Pronger will be. Jaytan. I don't think the league gives fines without suspensions for players, I could be wrong. But in my mind it doesn't really make sense. Essentially the league would be saying, "we admit what you did is wrong, but we aren't going to punish you for it." I just can't remember the league doing this, but again I am not 100% sure on this.
  7. Holmstrom Hit from Behind

    What a weird hit. Double whammy. I thought the punishment for Rob was too much, they got the wrong guy. At most Rob should have gotten was a minor penalty for boarding. If Pronger wasn't involved on the hit, thats all he would have gotten, or possibly not even a penalty. Obviously Pronger was the bad guy here. That elbow was blatant and a possible intent to injure. He definitely lost his composure and went head hunting. Not surprising that head was Holmstrom's either. Had two goals at that point in the game, and Thomas is the guy Pronger is always trying to move out of the way in front of the net. A lot of frustration pent up toward Holmstrom there. The reason that I think the hit was worse from Robs involvement was because they basically sandwiched Holmstrom and he had no were to go but into the glass. But still I think that Pronger is 90% at fault here. Even if Rob wasn't there Thomas still would have suffered some serious damage. I also think that the fact Holmstrom was able to come back into the game, lessened the chance that Pronger will get a suspension. Sounds cold, but the league bases a lot their decisions on injuries from the players. With a doubt though, it is better for you guys to have Holmstrom healthy and playing against Pronger, then Holmstrom injured and Pronger suspended. Suspension for Rob? Not a chance. Suspension for Pronger? I think he deserves a one game suspension, but I leaning toward him not getting anything. And I think that because, Thomas is fine, Pronger is one of their best players and it's the WCF.
  8. Big Berts Small Game

    This is pretty much what I expected out of Bertuzzi. That he would be a non-factor and seemingly disappear when he is on the ice. A lot of you expected more out of him, and understandably so, because there is a decent player buried deep inside. But whether or not the Bertuzzi of the past will ever surface again is anyones guess. I haven't seen all the games in your current series. But Bert's best game (period) was against Calgary (game 4 I believe) when he scored a goal and got an assist. So perhaps he can pick his game up, but I think Detroit will need a big run for that to happen. I still have my doubts that even said long run will be enough for him to come out of his shell.
  9. Mandatory Visors?

    I was referring to our players that are called up from the farm team. Whether or not they have to wear a visor in junior doesn't really matter because they don't have to wear one in the NHL, but most of them choose to. That's all I was getting at.
  10. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    FACT: Sharks eat beats. Nice work Offsides
  11. Mandatory Visors?

    Visors will become mandatory in the NHL. But when that happens it will only affect a small group of players still in the NHL. Look at most of the junior players that are playing, they have visors. I could be wrong but I think every junior player that played on the Flames this year had a visor. The only exception was Eric Godard, and he is a goon/fighter. He was called up basically to fight his clone on the other team. And that type of player is becoming extinct in the new NHL. It won't take long for the majority of the players in the NHL to be wearing visors. I think this visor debate will end by it self by the players deciding that they want to wear visors. It will be grandfathered in just like helmets and then shortly after it will be mandatory. Sure visors do cause damage and injuries but I bet the injuries that are prevented from the visors far out weight the ones caused by them.
  12. Here comes the bluster..

    Some of you guys are getting too caught up in Geurin's comments. I'll try to provide an outsiders perspective. It is boarderline smack talk, but I wouldn't consider it even in the same league as Huselius's comments about Hasek. Reporters are going to ask both teams what they think of their opponents, and when they talk about a strategy (which this) toward beating their opponents, doesn't mean it's smack talk. It does sound a little confident but that should be expect not confused with taking the Wings lightly. I also don't think Geurin and the Sharks are underestimating the Wings either. Basically what the coach and Bill were saying is that their experience against some of the more veteran players will help them. You can't deny that it wont', and I know no one is. But this is just a strategy for the the Sharks, they are allowed to have one. Bill is going to use his knowledge of how your players play the game to his advantage, and I think he understands that he is not playing well, but he can still pass his knowledge of your stars to other players on his team. No doubt players on Detroit will be doing the same thing. Look at Chelios, I bet he's a fountain of knowledge when it comes to a bunch of San Jose's lineup. A lot of you are saying that the Sharks and their fans are being over confident. After reading this thread you might want to look in the mirror because a lot of you are not giving the Sharks any credit and are expecting a butt kicking. Both of your teams are very good and it will be a close series. Still, a bunch of you quite disgusted that a team would get so overconfident (which I don't think the Sharks are anyways) which ironic because a lot of you are doing the same thing toward your team. Just what I observed from this thread. Try and take it easy on the Shark fans in this thread, they are not trolling. They just offering up the other side of the argument, and of course it isn't going to be the same opinion as yours. What kind of message board would it be if every agreed with each other?
  13. Sharks fans want to play Wings

    If I was the Sharks I wouldn't want to play the Ducks either. But if I were you guys I wouldn't brush off the Sharks. They have been playing red hot recently. Which ever team you play against should be a good series. But I think you will have a much easier time with Dallas than San Jose. Whichever teams comes out of the Van/Dallas series I don't think will make it past the second round. Neither seems that strong and Van seems like they are running out of gas.
  14. Post-GAME 6: 4/21 Red Wings 2, Flames 1 (2OT)

    Iginla has quite the interesting season this year. He got off to his trademark slow start, but then picked it up and was on fire. Then he got hurt and missed a couple weeks and just wasn't the same after. Decent ending to the season with points and all, but not quite what he was like before he got hurt. Iginla seems to be in a transition in regards to what kinda of player he is. He is not the same player that you saw in '04 during the playoffs. His physically play has gone down a lot, he isn't quite the battler he once was with the puck. Don't get me wrong, he can still do all these things. And is still known to single handedly determine the outcome of a game. But as you said the talent is there, so why has he been changing the past two seasons? I don't know. Despite what the Detroit fans think I am not willing to write him off as captain by any means. Him acting like a "loose cannon a-hole" is not common as this series would lead you to believe. He does not act like he did game 5 every night, or even most nights. If you believe that I suggest you watch more Calgary games. With that though, he leadership seems to be taking a back seat in light of recent and not so recent events. Hardly to fair judge him solely on this playoff series, but a lot can be learned from it. The Flames have some big decisions to make regarding Iginla, Kipper, and Regher this summer, all whose contracts run out. Of course they have the choice to keep all of them but that would eat up a lot of cap space. If Iginla does keep "going down this path" then I would agree he isn't worth the money. But as I said, by no means I am willing to write him off yet. I think this summer could be very interesting for the Flames, big changes certainly could happen. The talent is on the Flames, but the chemistry seems to be lacking.
  15. Would goal have stood?

    The rule of blowing the play dead if the puck hits the goalie in the mask is a more predominate European hockey rule if I recall correctly.