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  1. 12/13 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Coyotes 4, (SO)

    Ahhh, finally somebody's buttons got pushed, Yeah i see babcock mixing up the lines so we have chemistry when someone goes down and experimenting with different lines, also who said we had rock-solid goaltending ever- not me my opinion on goaltending would really stir the pot round here So my fellow fair weather poster get your hopes down and go to another sport that you understand a little better Also tough guy, Bueller outsmarted everone else jackhole so don't get me started. As I said before I will say again that made some fair weather fans cry last year, If you have no hope for the team then go elsewhere CHAP
  2. NHL referees

    So what are you saying that they need more linesman on the ice or???? I don't agree at all!! come on somebody help me here........
  3. NHL referees

    That is what i'm talking about, let a fair game proceed for the imbetterment of the sport
  4. NHL referees

    O.K my bad, I should have said that people who watch hockey and understand it should elaborate on the subject b/c clearly everyone knows humans make mistakes but I'm talking about a player getting tripped right in front of the ref's face and everyone in the building screaming but play continues then right after that the other team gets called for lets say hooking when there was a quick lift of the stick. Yeah it happens alot, very noticeablely, so don't give your opinion if you haven't a clue what i'm talking about. If they want a fair game then why all a sudden so many games going to the shootout, the salary cap, yeah o.k PAL
  5. NHL referees

    No one said they should be cained but fined YES, or how about losing there job to someone that can call it correct, huh
  6. NHL referees

    I have seen the other posts regarding this issue however I feel it needs to be discussed due to the fact that games are being decided by bad calls or by lack thereof calls. If you watch alot of hockey like me then you will see that the losing team generally gets more power play chances. I have not dug up any stats, I am just going by what I see on the ice. It is not right and needs to be widespread so more people are aware of the problem. Now I understand the NHL is worried about tv ratings and the likings but come on, Is it fair to the better teams, doesn't it effect stats for players and what about the fans for the team who got robbed, Does that make them like hockey more? No It does not make sense other then trying to get high scoring games that go to a shootout for advertising dollars, So am i paying to much for jerseys then? You have got to do better then there are already threads for this........
  7. NHL referees

    Why doesn't the NHL crack down on some of these officials. It seems that some bad refs almost determine the outcome of games due to bad calls and some horrible non calls. Why can't retard bettman get it right. All i ask is keep it fair and get it correct. Anyone care to elaborate
  8. 12/13 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Coyotes 4, (SO)

    After reading just half of the posts, I really wonder what some of you are watching. Let me break it down, the wings are solid, we are the defending Stanley Cup Champs and every team in the league steps up to play us, You don't believe me then watch other teams play like I do. We are clutch and not really giving it all every game, we do not panic when we are down, Look at tonights game with all the horrible calls and lack thereof calls, The wings should have been on the PP way more but we weren't. 19 seconds left and Babcock brings out the big guns, boom OT, there were several non calls in ot even. needless to say we closed the deal again. Then there is all this talk about SJ (they are good though) but is every team they face really playing there best, NO NHL is a long season (82 games) and detroit will be defending the cup the entire season but will be in the playoffs. So stop crying about how we don't work hard, we need to get rid of this player and that, our sticks are weak, and how you can run the top notch Detroit organization so much better. oh and for the record hudler and his same leg kick fake that he uses every time in the shootout is not pretty but thank god it worked tonight The bottom line is we are a Dynasty with a top contending team that is winning games, Enjoy the team that we have and trust the system and the orginization that runs it. If not, go be a cry baby Ducks fan or something. My 2 Cents
  9. Hossa's Motor City gig might be just revving up

    It seems all of you have forgot about this year and the current team we have. Why are you so caught up in this offseason, Kenny will handle that when the time comes but I for one am enjoying the Team we have and love watching Babcock have his cake and eat it too. The thread should have been Who will lead the team in Goals or Points this season Z or Hoss, Maybe Dats that is the question Lets make it to the playoffs then push for the CUP then you people can ***** and whine about who is staying or leaving - My 2 Cents -
  10. Downey contrite after he injures Filppula

    Thank GOD it was just jammed thumb, A little Downey syndrome, Yeah we all know It's sammy's fault, Seriously though i can't wait till the puck drops and I pray we are healthy P.s All i want for christmas is for sammy to be assainated, thanks santa
  11. Where the hell does Forsberg get off.....

  12. Kopecky Haters

    I have been wondering why other teams run at this kid so much myself. I have watched teams cheap shot him, take runs at him and always seem to finish there checks on him.... I have come to the conclusion that he is mostly on the ice with the other teams 3rd or 4th line, He is fairly big, He has a mouth on him and he is the new kid on the block. That my friends is why he gets picked on....... Just look at him, he has some size and yet he looks so soft, makes me want to take a shot at him......... All BS aside though, I like this kid, He has alot of hustle, always skates hard from end to end, soft hands, tries to make plays (unlike sammy), I think he needs to get more physical and learn some D My 2 Cents
  13. What's wrong with Sammy lately?

    Actually he is not better, he is just a little more comfortable, especially not having to play the point...(thanks Stuart) I wish this guy would learn to look up and see the ice, I mean it is good to get the puck on net but don't always take the shot, especially when the team is trying to set up and the only shot is a low percentage shot or bad angle shot, For the love of God please pass the puck sometimes Sammy.......... My 2 cents
  14. 3/5 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blues 1

    Aaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh, I f*cking HATE NHLNetwork, why don't they have this channel in america, This is so wrong, I blame Canada...............
  15. XBox Live Gamertags