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  1. just replying to save my account. so it goes.
  2. Teams are reseeded after each individual round. The Wings will face either Dallas or San Jose for Round 2.
  3. lgw

    I'm really hoping the guys come out with the same intensity that they did for the first two games. I'm afraid they'll take for granted the 2-0 series lead. Am I alone in this feeling?!
  4. Very good period. It looked like it took Zetterberg a couple shifts to get going.. now it looks like he hasn't missed a step.
  5. Alright folks.. i'll be back to the boards during the intermission. .
  6. MmmmMM.. Wiskey Sours.. you might have to share if things begin going downhill.
  7. So what's everyones drink of choice for tonight? Me.. Rolling Rock..already going down nicely! It's calming my nerves.. a little.
  8. Goodnight everyone.. I'll be back later tonight to do this all over again..
  9. Please tell me I'm not hallucenating.. someone did, in fact, score right? FINALLY!
  10. I remember.. yesterday when it was 4-2 and thought for sure the Nucks had this thing wrapped up.
  11. I sure picked a good night to join these boards.
  12. 72 SHOTS!
  13. Wowza.. Luongo is looking t.i.r.e.d!