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  1. Must Kill

  2. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    am i the only one who wants hossa to come back next season
  3. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    not that way you want the season to end, and have so many chances and not able to capitalize. Im not gonna sit and blame hossa, or even stewie, it was a team effort, and we lost as a team. Till next season, and i guess let summer start
  4. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    dropped him an email looking foward to hearing him, so are the pics im seeing come from jack if so the man has some quality jerseys, fake or not. Has anyone ever ordered any jerseys from i want to add a few international jerseys to my collection
  5. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    who is this jack everyone speaks of, and were can i buy his jerseys?
  6. WCQF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Blue Jackets 5

    great game, been awhile since i been around here, but last year i didnt post in the first round, and my superstition kicked in and i refused to post to the series was over. I damn near fell out of my chair when mule scored the game winner. good times i say good times
  7. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    will place my order for the Chelios jersey today. wonder if anyone cant point my to were i can buy some international jerseys would like to add some to my collection.
  8. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    any get there jersey yet in the mail im skeptical before enter my paypal information
  9. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    didnt get get to see the feed, but from I it sounded like a nice farewell. Not really a suprise either i figured this was going to happen even before the playoffs started. Then he was pulled after a not so hasek like performance in the playoffs. Gonna miss you Dom,
  10. Where can I order this?

    i do like that second hat with the wing wheel on the back
  11. Our Playoff Beards

    im gonna miss the not shaving, but how nice it will be to breathe again
  12. Who retires?

    i just dont see hasek returning im wanting cheli back and well as the drake im just hope the curse of nhl 08 doesnt make lids retire
  13. Anyone Else Just Not Want To Go To Bed?

    im still awake and good to go watching highlights thruout the whole season
  14. Videos

    anyone have rapidshare accounts thats a great place to upload things
  15. Stanley Cup Champions Gear

    bought me the hat, locker room shirt and that stanley cup replica