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  1. Shanny14fan4ever


    I want Shanny back!!! I know, it probably won't ever happne but can't a girl dream? haha Shanny will always be my favorite hockey player.
  2. Shanny14fan4ever

    Dan Cleary...barfight?

    I was just saying something about that to my sister last night. He does seem to have a lot of black eyes!
  3. Shanny14fan4ever winners?

    I called the Justin Potts person who is listed in the email and left a message so I will see if he calls me back..thanks for the help guys!
  4. Shanny14fan4ever winners?

    I got an email today saying I am a potential winner of an NHL All-Star Autographed Jersey by voting for the all star game. I was chosen as a daily winner. It says I have to call or email to acknowledge my receipt of the e-mail. Then I have to mail a cope of the release form , but it asks for my social security number. I just found that a little weird they would be my SS number. Has anyone even won a prize from and had to give their SS number? The email came from: any help would be appreciated!
  5. Shanny14fan4ever

    The irate one

    I couldn't believe it when Wayne freaked out haha I couldn't help but laugh. I do love the guy though!
  6. Shanny14fan4ever

    NYE Party @ Cheli's Chili

    Did anyone go?? I wish I could have made it there
  7. Shanny14fan4ever

    Fischer to be on Fox 2 new tonight at 10pm

    I'd like to know what he said too...
  8. Shanny14fan4ever

    Wings Plane Slides Off Runway

    glad everyone is ok!!
  9. Shanny14fan4ever


    ok thanks for the help guys!
  10. Shanny14fan4ever

    Grigorenko re-assigned, opts for Russia

    yeah he was a dissapointment. I really thought he was going to be a future star. Who knows maybe he just needs time and we may see him again someday..
  11. Shanny14fan4ever


    I hope this is the right forum to post this on... I was wondering if anyone from the ACHA has been drafted in the NHL or are any of them NHL prospects? I can't seem to find any information anywhere,so I though I'd ask you guys. thanks!!!
  12. Shanny14fan4ever

    Cleary, Wings to talk extension

    awesome news! I hope he stays in Detroit for a long time
  13. Shanny14fan4ever

    Drake has fractured cheekbone, will miss next two games

    hope he's not out longer than 2 games!!
  14. Shanny14fan4ever

    Franzen out 3-4 weeks

    bad news hope he gets better soon!!!!
  15. Shanny14fan4ever

    Griffins practice?

    Thanks for posting! Just found out I have to work the day I was planning on going down