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  1. Babcock is not a good coach

    coaches get too much credit and too much blame. Players play -- coaches coach. Most of your points are not well thought out -- but that's ok -- your in a panic. Have you considered any medication yet? At the end of a seven game series the best team usaually wins.
  2. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    20 years ago at this time I think -- were they not in the conference finals against the big bad oilers with Gretzky - Kurri, messier, anderson, blah blah blah? -- my buddy and I decided to hit a bar and catch the game (game 1) -- In FL at the time -- which they won (5-1)? Anyway -- It was the beginning -- even though the oilers thrashed them 4 straight after that.... I also can really remember watching the flow of hockey at the highest level (those oilers were amazing!) and was hooked..... when you think about all the sports -- baseball is like watching grass grow (although I love the sport) Basketball there is a whistle every 20 seconds -- football is awesome but plays only last 4 seconds. Hockey has a flow to it like no other sport.
  3. If you stayed up -- say aye

    actually for those of you who stayed up you were probably saying arrrrrgggggghhhhhh.....*^*^%^$&$)(*&*(^*%*
  4. Joe Thornton

    I can only laugh at the boston bruins so here you are bruins oh and I should probably laugh again that your coach is Dave Lewis -- a very nice guy -- but I don't think he has enough fire in his belly
  5. If you stayed up -- say aye

    yes -- that was my goal
  6. If you stayed up -- say aye

    I cannot stay up for these games for one reason -- I can't go to sleep when its over...I watched the first and part of the second --- Rangers get to play Buffalo --I wonder if they enjoy the drive through the catskills? bah humbug!
  7. Again With The Trap...

    Babcocks job was going to be on the line had we not gotten by Calgary.... He's ok now no matter what happens -- who the hell would they replace him with anyway -- is Mike Keenan around?
  8. Wings meet fork

    Piss poor thread to start in the first place. You call out the wings for not giving 100% -- that is complete BS and you know it. Or you have some effort meter strapped to each guy? Your opinion on effort is EXTREMELY suspect. Calling Hasek an Ass clown -- cmon! The guy has been flopping around like a fish on the dock for his whole career -- and a pretty good career at that. Right now the wings are being outplayed by a better team -- apparently that part is escaping your eyeballs.....
  9. Paralyzed Snow Angel of Defeat

    Sorry guys -- not going to win many hockey games scoring 1 goal. 4 goals so far in 3 games -- and had the sharks not had a melt down in game 2 this series would nearly be it is -- were on the brink of nearly. The sharks are big and fast -- and have very good goal tending.... 9 periods of hockey have been played -- the wings have won 2 -- maybe three of those....right now they are not the better team.... There are bad calls on both sides -- but that doesn't make it right! I did not see the end of the game...I did see a hook called on Lilja in the first that was nothing but pathetic -- absolutely pathetic... I am tiring of the NHL...unfortunately....
  10. Second Round

    Had the wings had Kipper and the Flames had DOm in this series -- Wings win 4 games to none -- Calgary probably nets one goal in total. Two reasons this series went six games: Kipper and some good special teams by the flames. Looking ahead I also prefer the Stars -- Turco has a really poor history against the wings -- I mean really bad. San Jose is a BIG team. Their roster only has a couple of people under 2 bills. The wings should have the speed factor over San Jose. But the Sharks PP is perhaps the best there is....\
  11. NO HEART

    \ I agree with ya -- I think Momentum is BS. You may have it during a game -- certianly not from game to game and 48 hours later -- that's psychological baloney.
  12. Post-GAME 4: Flames 3, Red Wings 2

    I think the thing about Lang is his inconsistency -- remember with Federov that used to drive people up a wall... On the Hasek Dive -- good call -- but Iginla did elbow him in the head -- not that hard -- but that still should be a panalty. I thought the first period last night was the best of the series so far -- and then I thought in the second period it started to remind me of an NBA game. WHistle, whistle, whistle ;The officiating was pretty bad on both sides. Then I went to bed. This series has been a story of special teams -- I hope they can let them play more 5 on 5.... I am not that excited about the new NHL product and I am a diehard Can you imagine such an advantage in any other sport? 5 on 4 in basketball? 11 on 10 in football? I know it's part of the game -- but it just seems like now that it IS the game.
  13. Red Wings Special Teams Problems

    If their struggles on PK and PP continue like this -- they wont make it out of this round? That's not pessimism -- that's cold hard reality.
  14. NO HEART

    Momemtum is simply something that happens in between games -- show me some facts here buddy. Fact -- the series is 2-2 Fact -- our power play sucks right now Fact -- Our penalty kill sucks Fact -- the 2nd line started to produce Fact -- Now babcock has two other issues to address -- see points 2 and 3 Fact -- the next game is at the Joe Fact -- Kipper is outplaying Hasek I can go on.... screw momentum -- this about what happens on the ice -- not some nebulous word
  15. NO HEART

    Put down the pipe dude. they scored on twice 5 on 3(the first one had expired -- but might have well of been) and a deflected puck.... Thank God your not the coach.