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  1. LNC Assemble! 4/22 GDT

    goto my controls at the top of the page, then on the left side under the profile options is an edit signature button
  2. I want the Avs

    does that imply that if the sharks win, they play on thursday, otherwise they play on saturday?
  3. LNC Assemble! 4/22 GDT

    Is any loss considered a choke? or only if they don't show up at all
  4. Norris Trophy Finalists

    I can't really disagree with anything you have said. I was just pointing out some of the things voters tend to think about. As I said before, Lidstrom is the hands down winnner. Phaneuf has a long way to go before he wins one, generally needing to improve his consistency - somthing that lidstrom has managed to do year in and out for the past decade.
  5. Don Cherry on Wings/Preds

    I think he is hillarious at times, but you have to admit that the quality of commentary his decreased SUBSTANTIALLY over the recent years.
  6. Don Cherry on Wings/Preds

    grapes has been brutal for the last decade. Half of what he says is garbage that he comes with after watching a 30 second highlight clip.
  7. Norris Trophy Finalists

    Ok. Because I am a huge homer, I will just point out a few things about Phaneuf. He had more goals than lidstrom, which is a big number for defenceman. Calgary plays in a much tougher division. Calgary scored 226 goals while the wings 252. Phaneuf also has a much more dominate physical play, although it is easily arguable the lidstrom is better defensively. But I still think lidstrom wins by a landslide.
  8. I want the Avs

    Hey Wings Fans, I was here last year at this time.... I attended all of the flames losses in your building. I am obviously hoping that the wings play the flames in round 2 But I am actually slightly surprised about the sentiments of this board. After your total domination of the Flames last year, I would have thought wings fans would drool over the opportunity to play us again. Granted we are a much different team than last year. I still am hoping the flames win tonight, especially since I live so close to Detroit and could continue to make the trip down. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit this board for another playoff series. It's always a fun place to talk hockey, and the fans on this board are generally fairly civil
  9. Irony

    I've got to admit, I don't think wings fans could have written a better ending to this series.
  10. Good Series, Hats off

    this was discussed in an earlier thread and she is a bigger flames fan than me, some tears were shed tonight.
  11. Good Series, Hats off

    he was called up tonight, well actually he was left in omaha.
  12. Good Series, Hats off

    without kipper the flames would be the oilers
  13. Good Series, Hats off

    what ticks me off about playfair is that he just doesn't seem to care. Never displays any emotion... some people would say having a coach with a level head is a good thing, but its nice to see some passion displayed every once in a while.
  14. Good Series, Hats off

    nothing personal, but i think you have a severly warped understanding of revenue sharing. The flames are in the top 15 in league revenue and therefore are not eligible tor receive any money from other teams. Go preach to the panthers and the blues.
  15. Good Series, Hats off

    This was a very hard loss to swallow, but I think tonights game was an accurate display of the entire series. Simply put the flames just did not match up well against the wings. The wings were much superier in almost all aspects of the game. I have gained a lot of respect for wing fans, not only from this board, but also the large number I met while in attendance to the three games in Detroit. I am very sorry the there was some controversial play by my team that caused some tempers to rise but hopefully that is all behind us now. I wish you all the best in the coming rounds and I will continue to stop by here. Here's hoping to a quick recovery from holmstrom, he is an animal and a very important player for your team. Freak accidents like that are always tough to see. Best of luck in round two Vansmack