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  1. Flip, you are God at this very moment.
  2. just got back from Hong Kong and here are the pics of my 2 favorite things from there! me and my cousin's husky, Money. more Money! ... and my new favorite shirt! haha
  3. PS

    tryin my hand on the facebook thing. inspired by a friend!
  4. this is kind of OT, but does anyone know if Yzerman travels with the team? i saw him during the last Oilers game here in Edmonton and it got me wondering.
  5. not sure if these have been posted yet...
  6. dammit, this means we'll have to listen to the iconic song and then...... listen to Pierre McGuire talk after it. just kidding. but really, it's going to be kinda weird now not being able to hear it on Saturday nights.
  7. cousin on the left, me on the right, flying off to Hogwarts... we somehow discovered that hockey sticks could double as brooms....
  8. alright, i fixed the link to Hudler's "speech" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-IXNTV0V4s it also includes Cleary addressing the crowd
  9. EDIT: dangit, the link doesn't work. lemme figure it out then i'll repost it.
  10. awesome pics! thanks so much for sharing!
  11. official rockstar: Hudler's =O expression is just priceless
  12. i hope Ozzie brings it here to Edmonton, his parents live here so we'll see.
  13. i sure hope that the LGW.com members who are at the rally get some nice shots
  14. LOL Hudler..... that was gold