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  1. Roster Changes For Game 4

    I don't see why putting in Ozzie is such a bad Idea? What did Hasek do to earn the job in the first place? He was pulled in 2 of his last 8 starts. the goals scored by Suter and Arnott were very soft and should be saved escpecially given the timing. Ozzie earned the #1 job He played in more games had a better save % and a betterr GAA and a better finish to the season. Anywhere else that gets you the playoff start.
  2. Lineup for Tonight

    WHY HASEK? He has been pulled from 2 of his last 8 Starts why would we put him in, Osgood has a better save % and GAA. Hasek has had it!
  3. Bargain Free Agent Targets?

    Re-sign DANNY Markov As for forwards stay away from O'neil he doesn't have the speed to play with dats and hank. Lupul will garner a good young player from us in a trade (i.e. Filpulla, Franzen) NO DEAL I live in Buffalo and like the Idea of Ales Kotalik (someone mentioned it). He is young has a rocket shot from just about anywhere, descent size and speed. Plus with all of the small speedy players that buffalo has he has had trouble fitting in on the top lines he has been on the 3rd line here. I think he has untapped potential, he can play the point on the Power Play (with the shot he has why not). Also Zubrus would fit nice Anyone you get cheap will not fit anywhere but on the second line Stay away from Gomes he is a playmaker not a finisher we already have plenty of playmakers on the team if we get him we may never actually shoot. If we let Bertuzzi go we could go for the big player like Smyth or Drury (if buffalo is dumb enough to let him go).
  4. Cherepanov, Kane

    That may be but in the new NHL you need to have these young players to build your team. The cap makes it so we can't spend the way we used to, you saw it this year with Filpulla, Hudler, Kopecky, Lebda, Quincey. I agree that the DRW have done a great job at getting the most out of the picks they have but I would just love to see them be able to draft a player who scores 60 points in his first season at age 18. we have good youth in Zetts and Dats and Flip, just think it would be fun to get that hot prospect for once (I don't want to be bad enough to have that pick naturally though).
  5. Cherepanov, Kane

    I doesn't take a Hockey Genius to know that you don't trade a Zetterberg or a Datsyuk to move up, Remember we have our #29 selection plus a player like Kindl or Hudler. Sure there is always a possibility for a bust but he is putting up #'s like Ovechkin and Bure so he could also be that kind of player. I agree I don't recall Holland ever moving up but there is a first time for everything and if we could get this kid it would be nice. I know they were scouting the Swedish Juniors and I think they may take Joakim Anderson with the #29 at least that is what I have seen projected.
  6. Cherepanov, Kane

    He is definately a top 5 I think Kane will go #1 or maybe Turris
  7. You know you're a Detroit Red Wings fan if...

    If during the 90's you added the letter "ov" to the end of your last name
  8. Cherepanov, Kane

    That was just an example but you fo make sense that would make people a bit weary of our club. Have any ideas of how it would be done
  9. Cherepanov, Kane

    I'm not too impressed with the FA that are available which got me to thinking about the draft and if there were any sure things. Cherepanov and Kane seem to be the standouts of the group. I like Cherepanov (we need to get back to the OV's anyway right) he broke all the record for rookies in the Russian Super League this past season that were set by Pavel Bure. This is of course where Alex Ovechkin played when he was seventeen. Would or Could the Red Wings move up? I'm not sure who they would part ways with that would garner first round pick status, maybe they sign Bertuzzi and trade him or something (just an example please don't turn this into an I love bertuzzi thread)
  10. All Time Wing: STEVE YZERMAN All Time Other: Ray Bourque Current Wing: Pavel Datsyuk Current Other: Marian Gaborik
  11. Dump Hasek, Play Howard

    If you read the whole thread (sorry to insult you if you happen to be illierate) instead of jumping in and shooting your mouth off. This thread was not about who will be better next year, clearly that will be hasek but how many years does he have left, and he couldn't play consistent enough to win the cup this year so why would he next year. If we are not going to win the cup next year I would like to at least take a step forward in our organization instead of putting it off another year and then we have 2 years where we know that we don't have the best chance to win the cup. The problem you fair weather fans have is you get attached to these big name guys like Hasek or Bertuzzi because they are sexy names, but the point is they don't help our future, and they are not enough help for our present (otherwise it would make a little sense). That is why "Dump Hasek" is not absurd at all.
  12. If you we're Ken Holland...

    Add some depth at wing bring in a couple of those mid line players like a Zubrus Make a splash with Smyth or Briere type player (preferably not briere he's small and soft) Get rid of dead weight Calder and Bertuzzi, nagging injuries will keep these guys from being useful plus i would like the wings to focus on more speed and these guys are slow. Lang can go too also slow and lack of motivation here. If you can work a deal sammuelson can be traded (too streaky) Either go with Howard next season or get another goalie in FA, it doesn't work with Hasek he's too inconsistent his SV% was .913 we can find someone who can do better than that. Resign your Dmen as is with Kronwall in the mix you have 4 good Dmen (Lids, Schneids, Kronwall, Markov). Lilja is a good #5 and Chelios will want 1 more year (If not Quincey and Lebda looked good)
  13. Free Agent Names to Look At

    I think Sykora would be nice for the price, he has Awesome talent and would be fairly cheap, put him with Dats and good things would happen Sopel would be a cheaper alternative to Schneiders spot, he has a good shot, maybe a little better defensively (I still say sign schneider)
  14. Dump Hasek, Play Howard

    That's the point we haven't seen enough of him he needs to get the shot and if we have Ozzie we still have stability. If it doesn't work then we have the trade deadline to try to improve the position.
  15. Dump Hasek, Play Howard

    Well next time before coming in here and throwing isults you might want to read the whole thread, I agree that there will be a learning curve but he hasn't seen the NHL game enough yet to judge him. Get him some starts and by the time the playoffs com around he will hopefully be in top NHL form. How many times did hasek face less than 20 shots and allow 3 goals or more during the season. Hasek had a .913 SV% and in the 4 games that Howard played he had a .908 SV%(not bad for only 4 scattered games of action). I don't think it will be that much of a drop off, but I think we have to see