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  1. slapshot26

  2. is anyone happy right now?

    Good God, I was hoping sarcasm too. I love that 2 players can somehow be greater than or equal to 1 single player. My brain exploded thinking about: "maybe its contracts, maybe i'm not seeing something." Then I saw stillwater post. I was appeased. I'm pissed we lost Fil, as he could have helped us get a great pick on Waivers. Or just won the Grif's another Title. Anywho, Brunner is overrated. Alfie is overrated with like 426 goals or Steph(ve) Weiss(erman), I really don't know about because he played for a team that played home games in 'God's Waiting Room". Anyone can do well there ... Kopecky, ring a bell? Although his youtube package is within ranks of the great Pavel Bure and Bob Probert (Viceversa?) I just hope the Wings Sign a BIG FIGHTER to bash people's craniums, OR ELSE we are never going to win the Cup and we should FIRE HOLLAND! (Hey guys, just my intro to the forums. I know I will have to explain the dry humor eventually, but I figure i'll mention it for people not contextually hint savy ;p I truly love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. They are the first loves and only loves of my life and I believe I share a pretty intelligent but unique view on NHL activities. Line Configurations, Plays, Commentators, Overpaid Players, Overhyped things, maybe I'm a hater? NO! I grew up in and around the Joe continue to go to there as a Stress Management tool...AGHH ANGRY! I will be here a lot more often, any criticism of me is straight...but don't hate on Pavel Datsyuk or Sean Avery and you're straight in my book.
  3. NHL asks IIHF, KHL to negate Hudler's KHL Contract

    Pav did this a few years ago before we signed him to the "steal" that we ended up keeping him for. Point is; Hudler will be playing with the Wings next year. He filed for arbitration, has not confirmed any reports to the media, so the point is moot until something is official. Not that I really mind losing Huds anyhow.
  4. The Buzz is Gone in Hockeytown (W/ Article)

    Did you bother checking the "overall" category.... The Wings are in 2nd place among your oh so special % symbol. So what is the problem here? Sounds like a bunch of bitching and moaning to me.
  5. Avery comments & suspension

    I can't believe people make this a big deal...
  6. 10/11 GDT: Red Wings 3, Senators 2

    This doesnt make any sense... Datsyuk is on Hossa's line and can dish a better puck than both Franzen and Hudler. That doesnt mean a thing. He needs a player to play with the same tendencies as him so he can be aware.
  7. question about Datsyuk's number

    Is it just me, or is Zetterberg's Picture photoshopped? Body Looks like Kronwall ... And a computer generated "A" By the way Hank didn't ever wear Nike, Kronwall did/does.... This forum is crazy
  8. All Time Favorite Fights

    Good choices fellas, but I would have to pick the Kocur, Jim Kyte KO...Joey had fists made of Quik-Crete. If you haven't seen it, here it is.
  9. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    Jason Smith?
  10. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    I have a big Psych test tomorrow too...and an 8 page paper to write about the Truman Show...Can't start watching the movie til the deadline is done...and that means the rest of my night is tied up for nothing.
  11. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    I wish everyone would relax on here. The only players that are left are players we don't need. These players you want will be the same players your are begging Holland to get rid of.
  12. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    We could probably pick up Probert for cheap...Maybe just a case and an 8-ball
  13. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    According to the 4th period...Robert Lang was traded.
  14. OFFICIAL: Draper signs 3-year $4.75M extension

    Good news...but very expected....At least we will have a good penalty kill for a couple more years
  15. Sean Avery

    Sean Avery = Stanley Cup Period! lol...maybe I might be a little biased....ha