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  1. Chaldean


  2. Chaldean

    Vermette re-signs 2 yr/$2.5 million

    Can somebody please tell me where we are at with the cap now? How much room do we have?
  3. Chaldean

    Bowman named Senior Advisor to Blackhawks

    As old as he is, I don't get why start something new.
  4. Chaldean

    Interesting Fedorov Article

    here here..
  5. Chaldean

    A bit concerned to be honest...

    Do check out the Aves too for funs and giggles
  6. Chaldean

    A bit concerned to be honest...

    G=d damn Red Wing fans remind of pre-med students. Always worring and going crazy. CALM DIZZLE!
  7. Chaldean

    fedorov and the cup?

  8. Chaldean


    Rivarly or not, I still wanna be in Chicago in January 1st. Can somebody please tell me when the tickets for the outdour game is going to be on sale?
  9. Chaldean

    Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

  10. Chaldean

    Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    So I guess this means no to Federov? *runs and hides away*
  11. Chaldean

    Marian Hossa a Red Wing, 1yr, $7.45m

    Its been 2 hours and I'm still numb....
  12. Chaldean

    Wings Offer Mats Sundin 1yr $7/Mill Deal

    Glad to see him not wearing a Wing wheel next season..
  13. Chaldean

    Penguins Offer Hossa Extension

    Excellent points
  14. Chaldean

    Let's Bring Back Markov

    This is a discussion for the 3rd pairing. 2nd pairing of Kronwall and Lebda/Stewart is good for me. Rotate Quincy and Ericsson in the 3rd pairing.
  15. Chaldean

    2008 NHL Awards Ceremony Thread (GDT)

    Datsyuk left the awards show with a good joke. Asked what he’d done for the past week, Datsyuk was quick with a reply. “I try to ask my wife because I not remember,” he said. “I remember party, but don’t remember how I wake up at home.” How can you not love this guy