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  1. Can somebody please tell me where we are at with the cap now? How much room do we have?
  2. As old as he is, I don't get why start something new.
  3. here here..
  4. Do check out the Aves too for funs and giggles
  5. G=d damn Red Wing fans remind of pre-med students. Always worring and going crazy. CALM DIZZLE!
  6. cool
  7. Rivarly or not, I still wanna be in Chicago in January 1st. Can somebody please tell me when the tickets for the outdour game is going to be on sale?
  9. So I guess this means no to Federov? *runs and hides away*
  10. Its been 2 hours and I'm still numb....
  11. Glad to see him not wearing a Wing wheel next season..
  12. Excellent points
  13. This is a discussion for the 3rd pairing. 2nd pairing of Kronwall and Lebda/Stewart is good for me. Rotate Quincy and Ericsson in the 3rd pairing.
  14. Datsyuk left the awards show with a good joke. Asked what he’d done for the past week, Datsyuk was quick with a reply. “I try to ask my wife because I not remember,” he said. “I remember party, but don’t remember how I wake up at home.” How can you not love this guy
  15. HA no first round pick for the Avs