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  1. Best: Detroit I really like the Philly horn. I bet it pumps everyone up that is goes that long!
  2. Yes.
  3. I hate that that reply made it sound like being a girl, you cannot also be a real hockey fan.
  4. Mr. Hockey! His grandson and I went to school together and I always saw him at our choir events and talked to him several times.
  5. I don't hate Hossa, but I do think it would be funny if he lost this point. I just really don't like the Hawks. Never have.
  6. I went to the game in March against Minnesota where we won 5-1. I've been to three games so far and that was one of my favorites. The environment was so great and I got some amazing pictures of the players. That was definitely my favorite because I was there cheering along with everyone else!
  7. Boston. If Montreal gets there their entire city will be burned down From the west, I'll go with the Sharkies I think.
  8. I hope you get well soon
  9. HAHAHA! Seriously, laughing out loud. Keep these coming!!!
  10. HAHA! ^ something about that picture made me seriously LOL!
  11. haha love that one! Dats looks SO creepy!
  12. Guess those 2,000 posts worked....
  13. Yeah, I'm trying to keep my mind off it. ...not working.